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Almet Farms’ unique trust-based egg sales nourish local community

In the face of soaring grocery prices, there are those in the community taking steps to ease this financial strain.

The Almet Farms, a modest chicken and cow farm located west of the Clarington municipality in the community of Tyrone is making a difference by offering eggs at affordable prices to the local community.

This initiative is made possible through their adoption of the traditional ‘honour system’ (Also known as the trust system) for all egg transactions. This unique centuries old approach allows customers to take eggs without any staff interaction. This practice relies on the trust and honesty of customers.

Brenda Metcalf, the owner of the farm says the farm is committed to the welfare of the community.

Brenda Metcalf, the proprietor of Almet Farms, emphasizes the farm’s commitment to community welfare. “Our approach simplifies operations,” Metcalf explains. “Without the need for staff, we can easily provide eggs to the community, focusing on accessibility rather than logistics.”

Metcalf says the system eliminates concerns about staffing and work attendance issues. This approach simplifies the process, making it easier to provide eggs to the community and nearby areas.

refrigerator filled with many trays of eggs with a piece of paper taped to the glass reading “Ungraded Eggs $8.00 per flat #3.50 per dozen”
December 1st 2023
Refrigerator with egg trays and a sign reading “Ungraded Eggs $8.00 per flat #3.50 per dozen”
ready to be sold to the public. No staff in sight as you are expected to grab the eggs, pay and go. Photo credit: Branden Rushton

At Almet Farms, customers experience a straightforward process: select the needed eggs, sign their name, and leave the cash payment in a designated box. Metcalf says that the method was designed for simplicity, allowing customers to easily pick up their eggs, pay, and quickly leave.

The farm’s unique model has garnered positive feedback online with customers praising their self-service model. One customer commented, “Self-serve, bring the right amount of change, it’s $3.50 for a dozen or $8.00 [for] a flat; that’s 30 eggs… also if you do have empty egg containers bring them over.”

According to Expatistan, a source for International Cost-of-Living Comparisons — the prices of a dozen eggs in Toronto has reached $6.00 which is almost double what the Almet Farms is selling their eggs for.

Another reviewer, commented, “Fresh eggs picked daily at fair pricing. Fantastic local farm family that is extremely active in the community.”

With about 26,000 chickens, the farm produces an equal number of eggs every single day per day. While most are sold commercially, a small portion is available directly to the community from the farms.

Metcalf said the farm has been reluctant to branch out into other commercialized areas of farming as it would affect the honour system they have in place.

a white wall with a photo of a 50 years of celebrating egg farmers Ontario sign.
December 1st 2023
Photo of a celebrating egg farmers plaque proudly being displayed on the wall of the Almet Farms egg sale office. Celebrating 60 years of egg farming for the Almet Farm. This displays great pride for the Almet Farms and what they have accomplished since the 1960s Photo credit: Branden Rushton

She says while other farms have diversified their offerings by sourcing and selling products like honey and vegetables from neighbouring farmers, adopting such a model would compel them to reconsider their current method.

“But if we started doing something like that, then definitely we’d have to look at a different system than the honour system that we’re doing,” she said.

According to Statistics Canada the cost of groceries is on the rise in the country. Almet Farms, through their efforts, aims to alleviate this stress for their community by providing easy access to affordable eggs.