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Durham College enhances Whitby campus security

Some security changes have been made to the Whitby campus, such as adding new lighting and an additional Code Blue emergency button near the greenhouses.

Tom Lynch, the director of Campus Safety, said the ongoing efforts are aimed at making the campus safer.

“The college is also expanding the CCTV network and [adding] lighting to act as a deterrent and improve the visibility of the CCTV cameras,” he said in an email.

Hanukshan Murugesupillai, a first-year student studying Hotel Operation and Restaurant Management, was fascinated by the new large red pole with a blue light. He didn’t know the button connects directly to the campus security office.

“I have wondered,” he said. “It looks fancy, but I have no idea what it is for.”

A red pole with a speaker and emergency button.
The emergency button which connects directly with the main security office at the Oshawa campus. Photo credit: Ganga Rajesh

Ian Weber, a first-year Health Office Management student, said the button is important because some students feel scared on campus.

“I think it’s good that it’s there because, unfortunately, some people do have emergencies where they might feel unsafe by somebody on campus, usually another student, and I think it’s necessary and it’s unfortunate,” he said.

Kingsley Service, a first-year student studying Hotel Operation and Restaurant Management, said the Code Blue button is placed in the heart of the campus so it is accessible to everyone.

“It’s good to have it there. It’s pretty central to the campus. It’s not a big campus,” said Service. “So, it’s basically right in the middle, and I think it’s good to have it there as it is close to the residence.”

Service said installing a poster would heighten the effect of the Code Blue station.

“It’s such a small campus. Everybody is in the same area all the time,” Service said. “It will be helpful to just put up a little poster saying, ‘Hey, have you noticed the new emergency sign? If you need them, press the button.'”

There are other programs and services at Durham College to ensure the safety of its students and staff, including the Campus Walk Program and on-site security.

The Campus Walk Program provides trained student teams who will walk people to their cars, residence other campus locations on weeknights. On-site security guards patrol buildings and grounds on a regular and random basis.