COVID-19: DC music biz grad adjusts rap career

Local rapper Troy Junker posing during a photoshoot in Toronto.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the art of making and performing music and it’s forcing one up-and-coming artist to alter his summer plans.

Troy Junker, 27, is a rapper from Toronto, who will be releasing a project in July titled The Path. However, due to COVID-19, he is finding alternate ways to promote it.

“I really wanted this EP to have a press run and be able to go to radio stations and do performances,” says Junker, who is a graduate of the Music Business Management program at Durham College.

Even though he can’t perform face-to-face with an audience, Junker says he is still going to keep producing content that he’s been working on for months to get his name out there.

“I’m going to be dropping a song every three weeks and in June I’m going to be releasing a new music video,” he says.

Prior to the pandemic, Junker says he was working on getting two shows over the summer, but it likely won’t happen now.

Despite not being able to do any shows, Junker says he is finding other ways to entertain his fan base. During quarantine, he has been learning how to livestream on different platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

“I’ve been trying to produce a show online,” he says. “I’ve been putting together all these images that will go up on a projector and I have a DJ who’s going to help be a part of the show with me.”

Junker claims being at home more often has affected him in a positive way and has allowed him to focus on his music.

Making music is normally a collaborative project, which includes a rapper working with a producer. Because recording studios in Toronto are closed, Junker is forced to produce his own music, which he says isn’t a problem.

“I know a few people who make beats and they would email them to me,” he says. “What I do is I’ll mix it down and then I’ll send it to back to them for a reference.”

Junker has been recording music since 2011 and says before last year, he would record and mix his music by himself.

“I’ve had my setup for a long time,” he says. “I got my own condenser microphone, a little bit of studio foam in my room for sound quality and a mixing monitor on my laptop.”

Junker revealed the EP he is putting out in July was all finished before March and won’t be touching on any COVID-19-related issues.

Currently, Junker says he is going to continue to record music with the intention of releasing more music later in the year.

“The music that I’m working on right now, that’s probably going to start dropping in September,” he says.