Trendy ties for Lovisa

Taylor Arruda (far left), Jahdira Subner (middle left) and Lorne Carmichael (right) all display the ties they made for Durham College president Don Lovisa, with help from Fine Arts professor Sean McQuay (right). Photo credit: Emily Barnes

When the school president asks, Durham College students deliver.

Three third-year students in the Fine Arts program at DC have made three different ties for school president, Don Lovisa.

*My only request was I want ‘I Heart DC’ on it,” he says.

Lovisa had a student make him a tie four years ago,and thought it was time for more.

He contacted Sean McQuay, a professor in the Fine Arts program, and requested three ties to be made for his presidential events.

With short notice, McQuay chose three students with different approaches. Taylor Arruda, Jahdira Subner and Lorne Carmichael had to come up with ideas to paint ties that represented the school and the president’s style.

“I wanted it to come at it as a more realistic image of the school,” says Arruda, a third-year Fine Arts student.

“I ended up just having fun with it,” says Arruda, “I took the colours from the logos, and it became what it is,” she says with a smile.

Carmichael, another third-year Fine Arts student, took a more nature-esque approach to his work.

He painted a beaver dam and added a pencil, symbolizing Lovisa’s work towards education.

“I wanted to focus on the different types of wildlife in Canada,” says Carmichael, “I put a loon, there’s a moose, there’s a bison, a killer whale in the ocean,” he says.

Carmichael also incorporated the aurora borealis, to represent Lovisa’s Canadian roots.

McQuay always encourages his students to utilize different styles, stressing the need for them to develop their aesthetics.

“They’re developing their own ideas and concepts, and pulling their ideas farther to tell a story,” says McQuay.

Lovisa says he is very honoured to be the president of the students at Durham College.

“I’m always very proud to wear them, the students just rock here,” says Lovisa.