Walleye closure maintains fish population and health

Ryan Hahn poses with a walleye he caught at Lake Scugog before the 2016 closure of walleyes.

Walleye fishing in Scugog has been closed since the start of the 2016 season as a precautionary measure to keep the fish population safe. These types of measures are taken to ensure the health and growth of the lakes.

The reason people of Scugog are against this idea is that they just want to be able to fish there. They want to use the lake to their advantage and they don’t see the reason for it being closed.

But this closure is needed to maintain the fish, and help the population grow and be sufficient.

Walleye’s health and growth were the reason for the closure. With the closure, the fish will be healthier.

In the next year, the Scugog Lake Stewards Inc. is fully implementing its plan called the Lake Scugog Enhancement Program. This is to help make sure the lakes stay clean.

Since the rate of young walleye surviving after spawning was low and the rate of spawning was low, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Recourses and Forestry (OMRF) decided it was best to close the fish to anglers and focus on fixing the problem.

They were right.

In the past three years, scientists have focused on researching how they can fix the problem – to maintain the fish population and see if scientists can find a way to make the population grow.

In the past few years, the Township of Scugog has asked residents to volunteer in spotting walleyes’ during spawning. The community is helping because the lake is the centre of the community.

One of the main issues is that boat owners need to clean their boats from previous trips because there’s a chance the seaweed stuck to their boats can spread invasive species and plants into the water.

This causes more problems for the lake.

For the people in the community, closing the lake for walleye fishing is not ideal. While some people agree with the closure, there is a group who believe they should be able to go fishing and catch fish, including walleye.

There are signs all around the lake saying walleye is closed all year, yet people still continue to catch the fish and not let them go. People need to understand these rules are to help repopulate the fish.

This will grow a wetland that will filter out all the harmful water runoff humans are contributing to and it will also create a good home for birds, turtles, fish and other species.

Walleye have been closed since the start of the 2016 season as a precautionary measure to keep the population safe, these measures needed to be taken to ensure the health and growth of our lakes.

If we don’t manage the fish population, there will soon be a larger issue like overfishing.