Students donate to brain research while testing trivia knowledge

Ontario Tech Health Speaks Club President, Kassandra Gavilanez (left) with club members during their annual Big Brain Trivia event. Photo credit: Dennis Price

About 40 students gathered on campus recently to test their general knowledge and raise money for brain cancer research.

Ontario Tech’s Health Speaks Club hosted its second annual ‘Big Brain Trivia’ contest Oct. 30. The event was held in collaboration with Students Investing in Brain Research and Development.

The Health Speaks Club is a university club with six members, whose objective is to raise awareness of the social determinants of health.

The goal of Big Brain Trivia is to get students to play and answer trivia questions while raising money for brain research. To play students donated $2 to answer 15 questions in under one minute within one category of their choice.

Big Brain Trivia was created out of the idea and need to get the campus community involved in an event that can bring people together in an interactive way, says club president Kassandra Gavilanez.

The budget for the event was $180 and was approved by Ontario Tech Member Engagement Coordinator, Diana Ploughman.

Gavilanez, 20, an Ontario Tech third-year health science student, says the group added questions beyond health subjects this year to attract more players.

The format change was to get more participation from students who don’t necessarily know much about health science, says Gavilanez.

“We just added more like categories to get like other students more interactive with it,” says Gavilanez. Questions dealt with music, movies, TV shows, pop culture and health science.

Categories to choose from during Health Speaks Club’s trivia contest, Big Brain Trivia. Photo credit: Dennis Price

Students who correctly answered questions were enrolled to win prizes such as gift cards, Bluetooth speakers and phone chargers.

Over the course of the three-hour event, the Health Speaks Club raised $80.