New jobs, arcade games available at Playdium in Whitby

There is arcade gaming galore at Playdium in Whitby. Photo credit: Marcus Levy-Ash

Job opportunities for 150 people have been created in Durham at the Whitby Entertainment Centrum as Playdium has opened up for business.

Playdium is a 32,000 square foot building which opened its doors on Nov. 9. The inside of Playdium is filled with 90 different arcade games, six lanes of 10 pin bowling and a virtual reality (VR) gaming area which allows four players to play at once.

Playdium also offers up to 20 people at the same time a chance to try their new elevated ropes course.

Along with games, Playdium offers a variety of food options as they have a restaurant called “bites” with different types of food options ranging from nachos to burgers, pizza, and chicken sandwiches.

Cineplex has owed Playdium since Oct. 2015 and is rebooting the brand, says Sarah Van Lange who oversees communications all across Canada for Cineplex.

“This was actually the first location we announced of the reinvented Playdium,” says Van Lange.

“As you approach the building it’s pretty obvious that this is a wonderful location, hugely visible from the highway and it is also a destination in the city.”

The new facility will also offer many opportunities for part-time jobs.

“About 150 jobs which is really exciting with most of those being part-time, it’s about getting people their first jobs in the community but, yes 150, there are lots of really fun jobs. Imagine being a tech in a VR cave, or being able to maintain video redemption equipment,” says Van Lange.

Playdium is located in the same general area as Chuck E. Cheese, an outlet also known for arcade gaming and play areas, but Van Lange says the businesses aren’t really in competition.

“The two facilities complement each other in a way. Chuck E. Cheese skews younger and Playdium, we think, skews older. We are actually seeing in Brampton on weekends that we are having 20 to 25-year-olds coming to spend the evening with us. I would say our businesses complement each other more than anything,” says Van Lange.

Cineplex has evolved its business after taking over Playdium in 2015 to more than a theatre operation, she says.

“Cineplex is much more than movies and as you step in this building and you are 100 per cent reminded of that. We are Canada’s largest supplier of video redemption and arcade equipment,” Van Lange says.

Not only does Cineplex specialize in movie theatres and now arcade games, they are also “one of (the) country’s largest food service providers,” she says.

When picking the food menu at Playdium, Cineplex wanted to make sure it was suitable for everyone.

“We wanted to make sure we had options so options for the parents, options for the kids, there is a cheese pizza there, there is a chicken sandwich, we also have nachos, we also offer vegan and vegetarian options because we wanted to make sure everyone had a choice,” says Van Lange.