New England Patriots going back to back

The New England Patriots are the favourites to go back-to-back and win the Superbowl for a second consecutive year.

The Patriots are currently number one in the ESPN power rankings, coming off a great final win versus the Rams last season.

The Patriots will repeat last year’s Superbowl win because the team has the best defence in the league, the best quarterback and coach of all-time.

They have improved defensively from last year and got two new key additions in the off-season: Pro Bowl linebacker Jamie Collins and defensive end Michael Bennett. The Patriots currently have the best cornerback in the game, Stephon Gilmore. He was elected to the Pro Bowl and first-team all-pro.

The NFL voted him as the 22nd best player in the league. Dont’a Hightower is ranked as a top five linebacker in the league. He is the Patriot’s leader defensively and calls all the plays on the field.

Devin McCourty, another leader on the team, is ranked as a top five safety in the NFL. Some analysts even argue he might be the best safety after the first six games of this season.

Hightower and McCourty are part of the reason the Patriots will win the Superbowl.

The Patriots’ defence currently is on pace to break history with the least points allowed in a season, leading the league in interceptions and fumble recoveries with 16 takeaways.

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time with six Superbowl wins, four Superbowl MVPs and three regular season MVPs. He is ranked the sixth best player in the NFL.

Brady is the greatest football player to ever play the game. He hasn’t missed the playoffs in his entire 20-year career. He has been to eight straight AFC championship games. He has won three out of the last five Superbowls. Many analysts believe he will be able to repeat and win the Superbowl for a second straight year.

Tom Brady has been the one player to remain with coach Bill Belichick throughout the coach’s career. Brady has never had such a well-rounded team to support his talents.

Bill Belichick is both the general manager and the greatest coach of all time with the most wins as a head coach in NFL history. Belichick has the most Superbowl wins and the most playoff wins in NFL history. He is 31-11 as the Patriot’s head coach in the playoffs. So that means he wins 73 per cent of his games in the playoffs. In the regular season, Belichick has an overall record of 263-123, which is the best in NFL history.

The Patriots will be back in the Superbowl because of their defence, coaching staff and offence. They are the most balanced team in the NFL. The patriots will be adding their seventh Superbowl banner next year.