Disney+ is a Disney-

Ryan Hahn logs on to Disney+ to find a show or movie he likes. Photo credit: Brandon Wright

Disney started to pull content from Netflix back in August of 2017. There is still some available now but it’ll all be gone by as of January 2020 so it was only a matter of time before Walt Disney Company mainly known as just Disney released its own streaming service.

They call it Disney+ but so far it has been nothing but a minus.

The brand-new streaming service was released on November 12, 2019, into a highly-populated market filled with other streaming services like AppleTV+, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

A monthly subscription costs $8.99 and the full year is $89.99. So far that price is not worth it. Countless issues continue to arise like the overall quality of shows and the functionality of simple features.

The TV shows and movies available are great and with many new shows on the way, the possibilities seem endless with Disney+, from movies like the classic 1994 Lion King to the 2019 box office buzz Avengers EndGame.

Disney is the ‘Happiest place on earth,’ as their slogan says, but viewers who subscribe to Disney+ are often left feeling the opposite.

The day the service launched there were so many people trying to log on at once, the service couldn’t handle the overload and it crashed.

The whole point of the service is to provide a good viewing experience of old and new Disney content all in one place. So far the quality on certain shows is blurry and makes viewing difficult.

Shows like Boy meets World are unwatchable since the quality is so bad. At the end of a long day people want to log on to watch shows in order to dissolve any headache they may have not add to it.

The Simpsons is another example. The ratios are completely wrong leaving viewers missing half the action. It’s as if you are watching the show zoomed in on the centre of the screen.

The nostalgia of these old shows and movies can be a reason to use the service to rewatch some old favourites, but yet again with the poor quality, it makes it hard to fully enjoy.

Simple things like the service not remembering what episode you left off on or not being full screen after one episode ends and another one starts, but hey at least the skip intro button is there.

Disney has missed the mark, these simple features should have been there before launching its service at full price. Issues like this could end up causing people to leave, especially if not fixed soon.

Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope intro credits aren’t even in English, another mistake that should have been noticed.

It is simply bad to not have these features out and working right at launch, especially because this is a service based around the viewer and their experience.

Things like the next episode not playing automatically and having it play in full screen should be an easy fix. But still exists.

At the end of the day, the service Disney+ provides brings viewers back to childhood memories, which is great, but the full experience falls flat.

Disney+ gets a minus until they fix these issues.