Demetres review

Cocoa Chanel crepe at Demetres in Whitby. Photo credit: Soyra Mokashi

Oodles of sweet liquid pour over a plate, drenching its contents in the dulcet tones of rich, dark chocolate. A spoon scrapes the melting edge of a scoop of ‘Cocoa Chanel’ before it finds its way to the creamy, cold centre, gathering brownie bits and Oreo chunks along the way. The whole ensemble sits on top of a neatly folded crepe, with Belgian milk chocolate buttons scattered across its surface.

The creation, called ‘Tongue Depressor’, can be found on the menu at Demetres, which is known to be a dessert-only café in Whitby, Ont.

Situated in the Whitby Entertainment Centrum, the establishment is one of 13 franchises in the GTA. Surrounded by an array of restaurants, retail stores and entertainment venues, its prime location draws in customers at all times.

Upon entering you are greeted by a friendly host who shows you to your table. On the rare occasion the café is empty, you are allowed to pick where you want to be seated.

Its colourful interior and toe-tapping music sets the right tone for a pleasant evening out, ideally for date-nights.

The café also features a small outdoor patio, which is a great spot when the sun is out.

Desserts for two at Demetres cost between $30 to $40, including tax and tip, which may be more than most are willing to spend for just dessert. Don’t let this steer you away from a visit though, as the café also serves hot and cold drinks, which are priced at $5 to $8 each. The drinks are delicious enough to be worth just a milkshake run.

Demetres’ menu lists only sweet treats, ranging from ice cream scoops to sundaes, cakes, crepes and waffles. The establishment has your run-of-the-mill flavours accompanied with a twist.

All of their ten ice-creams are made in-house.

The café boasts quirky names and interesting flavours like ‘Dulce & Banana’ which is a blend of marinated bananas and Dulce de Leche, finished with swirls of Nutella, and ‘Cocoa Chanel’ which is French dark chocolate topped with brownies and Oreo pieces.

Popular items include the afore-mentioned ‘Tongue Depressor’ crepe at $15.50 (Cocoa Chanel ice cream, brownies, Oreo bits, French dark chocolate sauce, Belgian chocolate buttons) and the ‘Split Personality’ sundae at $18.25 (Four-scoop banana split with Dulce and Banana, Chocolat, Honey Vanillla and Strawberry Royale ice cream with fresh strawberries, fudge brownies, Belgian milk chocolate sauce and butter caramel sauce.)

Demetres also serves select vegan items.

One sip of the ‘Severus Shake’ ($8) hits just the right spot, inducing a slight chocolate-high, which you can’t complain about. However, the chilled glass of thick, creamy texture topped with fluffy whipped cream and chocolate sauce is best shared: unless you are immune to overdosing on chocolate.

The in-house ice creams are just as delicious, with a unique taste for flavours as standard as chocolate. However, the brownies that are served along with some of them are dry.

If you are not a chocolate aficionado, try the ‘Katy Berry’ ($10.50), which has a refreshing yet sweet taste. Strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries and white chocolate sauce never disappoints.

Demetres seems to have something for everybody’s taste buds but for all its positives, one cannot overlook its scarce but significant slip ups. On the day I visited the café for a review, the water glass served came with lipstick stains.

If Demetres cleans up its act, it might be the cherry on the cake of all dessert places.