DC celebrates International Education Week with singing, dancing, good food

Kevin Watson (right) moderates an International Education Week panel in The Pit at Durham College. Joining him are (from left) Tara Sottile, a journalism student who travelled to Guatemala in October, Jessica Thomas who studied abroad, Emily Ruecker, a domestic student, Paulina Zorner of Germany and Gabriel Dietrich of Brazil. Photo credit: Emily Barnes

International Education Week (IEW) kicked off in The Pit at Durham College in Oshawa with singing, dancing, drums and an enlightening conversation about the quality of having an education abroad.

Kevin Watson, the events moderator is from Jamaica and former DC student. He explained the exciting benefits of receiving an education abroad.

“I feel like you get a more diverse education,” he says. “The way the material is delivered is different.”

IEW has been celebrated around the world since 2000 and recognized by 100 countries. The point of the festivities and events is to educate DC’s community on different cultures and opportunities.

International students in universities and colleges are benefiting from not only the different form of education, but being introduced to different cultures.

“I think that having a direct and intimate kind of experience makes you learn more, and you get to emerge yourself in the culture a little more,” he says.

Watson kicked off the event by introducing five different students and getting them to share their individual experiences about travelling abroad.

Gabriel Dietrich, an international student from Brazil, spoke about his experience being an international student in both Canada and the United States – and why he chose to attend Durham College.

“In the United States it’s a lot harder to stay there after you graduate,” he says. “I applied to schools close by Toronto, but I chose DC because price-wise it was more affordable and the school is great itself.”

Paulina Zorner, an exchange student from Germany, spoke the new experiences she’s had here in Canada.

“I came to DC because my college at home has a partnership with DC,” she says. “I had never been to Canada and it looked beautiful on the pictures so I thought I’d come here.”

IEW is showcasing all the opportunities provided by DC to its students. Those opportunities include exchange programs, receiving an education abroad and travelling opportunities within programs.

Chandeep Kaur is an international student from Jalandhar, India. In her free time she practices traditional Punjabi Bhangra dance. She has been dancing for more than 10 years and used to be an instructor back home.

She is in her first year at DC in the Chemical Engineering Technology program.

“I just love Durham College, I love British and Canadian people…They are so nice, whenever they meet you they just smile,” she says.

The theme for this IEW is community, culture, mosaic.

In addition to the event in The Pit Tuesday, DC president Don Lovisa and Professor Lon Appleby will be hosting the Global Graduate event held in the Global Class Thursday at 11 a.m. in the CFCE building. There will be alumni speaking about their career paths and travelling experiences after attending Durham College.

Also, Thursday at 9 a.m. at the Whitby campus, there will be international tasting competition between students and judges. The event is being held by the Centre for Food Culinary Club.