Trudeau vs. Scheer – who should be Prime Minister?

With the federal election in October, people are deciding how they are going to vote.

When comparing the leaders of the front-running parties, Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer, it becomes apparent that despite Trudeau’s blackface photos and claims of corruption, he is still the better leader.

Which party should Canada vote for? That should be easy, the Liberals. But some people think otherwise, because they think Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is corrupt.

Yes okay, Trudeau’s blackface pictures got leaked to the media. People have been trying to find dirt on Trudeau so the negative attention could go towards him but Scheer is known to be racist and homophobic. He’s been caught on tape many times saying things he shouldn’t be saying.

Trudeau has apologized multiple times for these photos. But does Scheer own up to what he says? Nope.

Scheer hasn’t apologized for the video from 2005, taken in Parliament, in which he suggested the idea of two people of the same sex getting married is equal to considering a dog’s tail to be one of its legs.

Scheer has avoided all questions about this, and has yet to say whether his own views on same sex marriage have changed since 2005. When reporters ask about the video, he changes the subject.

While Trudeau has made, for example SNC-Lavalin, he would still be better than Scheer.

Whenever Trudeau has done something wrong, Scheer knocks him down right away. Scheer isn’t only negative, he is not a good public speaker. He doesn’t know how to handle the media and political opposition.

Whenever the media asks Scheer about his past, he disregards the issues at hand and puts someone else on blast.

Some people believe Donald Trump is the tyrant of the United States but if Scheer gets elected, well Canada could have their very own version of Trump.

Trump is against abortion and a woman’s right to choose. While Scheer has yet to say if he’s for or against abortion, he keeps going back to his religious beliefs, which are Roman Catholic. He says it has nothing to do with politics, just his beliefs.

Scheer’s beliefs when it comes to climate change are clear. He keeps avoiding the question whenever asked about it.

With the climate change strikes that took place in September, Trudeau marched in Montreal to show his support in wanting to make a difference. He also met with Greta Thunberg and had a talk with her. Where was Scheer? Well, he was hiding from all of this.

Instead of marching with protesters or listening to the concerns of activists, Scheer discussed his plan to widen roads, which would make emissions higher and would increase idling, so basically everything that protesters were marching against.

Ontario already voted in Doug Ford and nothing good has come from that. Voting Scheer to run Canada will be a large step back from the progress Canada has made over the years.

Canadians now have to wait and vote on October 21 to see who the next leader will be. Will Canadians vote for someone who is for human rights and a woman’s right to choose as well as an advocate for climate change? Or will they vote for someone who doesn’t seem to care?

Come on Canadians, don’t follow along in the Americans’ footsteps and elect someone who isn’t ready for the job.

Make the right decision.