Trudeau makes stop in Whitby

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking at Baby Shack in Whitby with Liberal candidate Ryan Turnbull. Photo credit: Fiona Campbell

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a last minute campaign stop in downtown Whitby on the morning of Oct. 18, to promote the Liberal’s new Child Canada Benefit (CCB) plan.

Trudeau spent an hour at the Baby Shack store on Brock Street to talk about changes he will make to the CCB plan and parental benefits if re-elected in Monday’s federal election.

“If re-elected, (a) Liberal government will increase the Child Canada Benefit by 15 per cent for kids under one,” Trudeau said.

This can mean up to $1,000 more for parents, according to Trudeau.

“We’re doing this because we realize the crucial first year comes with some big expenses,” he explained.

Trudeau also said if re-elected, he will make maternity and parental benefits tax-free.

Trudeau was joined by Whitby’s Liberal candidate, Ryan Turnbull.

Following the departure of Whitby’s Celina Caesar-Chavannes from the Liberal party earlier this year, first-time candidate Turnbull is hoping to take Whitby.

Trudeau arrived to a crowd of about 40 supporters outside the store eager to greet him.

He was accompanied by group of families behind him as he spoke to media inside the store.

Whitby, a riding which voted Liberal in the last election, was previously a Conservative stronghold under former finance minister Jim Flaherty and is widely considered to be a key riding in Monday’s vote.

Following his announcement Trudeau left for stops in Orillia, Barrie and Vaughan. Turnbull stayed and talked to supporters outside the store. He plans to bring more jobs to Whitby and make the town a more attractive place for businesses.