Serena Williams a champion for the centuries

Citing her age, failure to dominate her opponents with her mere presence and lack of speed for a shortage of positive results, some tennis fans are beginning to think it’s time for Williams to retire.

Serena Williams should not withdraw from tennis because she lost twice to Bianca Andresscu. This summer, Williams and Andresscu competed against each other in both the Rogers Cup and the U.S. Open finals.

Two days after the U.S. Open women’s final, Sid Seixeirio from the Tim and Sid talk show/podcast made a comment regarding the match.

“Serena has not won a grand slam since 2017. She’s done, she’s done. The kids have caught up,” said Seixeiro.

Seixeiro’s co-host, Tim Micallef, responded by saying, “I think she’s scared, I think that underplayed in all of tennis is how much of a mind game is played throughout it (the match).”

Williams was not scared.

After the U.S. Open final, at the press debrief. Williams said she didn’t play her best tennis against Andresscu.

“I honestly don’t think Serena showed up,” she said speaking in the third person. “I have to kind of figure out how to get her to show up in a Grand Slam finals.”

Another critique of Williams is her lack of speed and agility.

An article by Zack Willis for says since giving birth to her daughter, Williams hasn’t returned to championship form.

But tennis isn’t just about losing extra waistline weight. It’s about speed, power, skill, strategy and domination. It’s about breaking opponents down.

As for Williams’ age, some argue she’s getting too old to keep playing competitively. Former tennis champion John McEnroe shared this view with

“I don’t see her playing past next year, I’d be surprised. She’s about to turn 38, she’ll be 39,” said McEnroe, referring to the age she will be for the Olympics next year in Tokyo.

Williams is one of the greatest to ever play tennis and has been called one of the greatest athletes of all time. Regardless of her age, she continues to prove she can compete with younger players.

This summer Williams made both the Rogers Cup and U.S. Open finals and competed against the 19-year-old Canadian Andresscu. Though she lost both matches, making it to the finals in both championships is not a small feat.

At the Rogers Cup, Williams pulled her back and had to withdraw from the match. At the U.S. Open finals, Andresscu played her best tennis and won against Williams, who has won 23 Grand Slams. This is one more than tennis great Stef Graffi and one less than the all-time leader Margaret Court.

“I’m not necessarily chasing a record. I’m just trying to win a Grand Slam. I’m just still here. I’m still doing what I can do,” Williams said at the U.S. Open debrief.

Williams does not need to leave tennis. Her career is far from over.

Those who haven’t walked in another’s shoes don’t understand the weight of the soles. History is proof – never underestimate the heart of a champion.