Lords’ athletes ‘carry the flag’ academically

Dekota Kirby (left) and Griffin Oliver (right) holding their Bert Dejeet Memorial Scholastic Award. Photo credit: Marc Stuempfle

Durham College’s student athletes set an academic record this year with 44 of them receiving the Ontario College Athletic Association (OCAA) all-academic award achieving a GPA of 4.0 or greater.

The awards were presented at the tenth annual Durham College academic luncheon on April 11 to recognize its student athletes. Coaches and faculty members joined them to recognize and celebrate their academic accomplishments over the past year.

Four athletes also received the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) academic all-Canadian award: Nigel Buckley, Erin Dicaire, Devyn Fraser, and Cory Lapointe. This award recognizes athletes who not only achieved excellence academically but were also named either first or second team all-stars for their respective sports.

Devyn Fraser, a second-year Graphic Design student, received the OCAA all-academic award and top GPA two years in a row for women’s volleyball. This is the first time she has been recognized with a CCAA all-academic award.

Fraser said she was proud of her accomplishments, adding it was a lot of work but staying organized helped her with both sports and academics.

Fraser is grateful for the support she received.

“My parents have definitely supported me they helped me whenever I need it and my teammates and my coaches and all my teachers helped a lot too,” she said.

DC academic_02.jpg
Devyn Fraser with her Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association academic all-Canadian award and top GPA for women's volleyball. Photo credit: Marc Stuempfle

Dekota Kirby and Griffin Oliver were both acknowledged for both having a perfect 5.0 GPA and received the Bert Dejeet Memorial Scholastic Award for top GPA.

This was the second time Kirby accepted the Bert Dejeet Memorial Scholastic Award.

“I think Kirby’s a success. I know she is a success because she’s dedicated to everything she does and attention to detail and I’ll say it, perfectionist. She just strives to be the best and it always works in her favour,” said Kate Houze, a professor for the School of Business, IT & Management.

Dekota Kirby, a third-year Sports Management student, said athletics have helped her understand the importance of doing well academically and help to motivate her to succeed on the court.

“I’ve always been a leader on my team, so I try to take that same philosophy I have on the court and put it towards the classroom,” she said. “I just make sure that I’m time managing well that’s the biggest thing for me.

Kirby said professors such as Houze have been understanding and are always accommodate travel time, practices, and late nights.

The academic awards showcase all the tremendous achievement student athletes have in the classroom, said Ken Babcock, DC’s director of Athletics & Recreation.

“The student athletes continue to carry the flag representing our school so well academically. I am just so, proud of our student success. I really, really am,” he said.