That is fackin’ good food

A delicious vegan chocolate cupcake. Photo credit: Victoria Marcelle

Fackin Good Food is a vegan deli and takeout restaurant that offers affordable food within walking distance of UOIT’s downtown campus on Midtown Drive, only a bus away from DC’s north campus.

All menu options, except the bread, is made on location and is 100 per cent vegan and dairy-free with gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free options. A unique feature to the kitchen is the owner’s hand-crafted vegan deli pepperoni for pizzas and a non-dairy cassava cheese.

The food at Fackin Good tastes the way food is supposed to tase and it is clear only the freshest ingredients are used. Portion sizes are reasonable for the amount of money paid. The chefs definitely know how to cook to meet industry standards and exceed expectations, especially on ethnic food creations such as the green Thai curry.

The menu offers a variety of dishes ranging from on-the-go favourites, such as fries and onion rings to hearty meal entrées including pasta arrabiatta and mac ‘n’ cheese baked potato.

The green Thai curry ($11.99) is a creamy delight. The spiciness of curry is perfectly balanced with coconut milk and the sauce is excellent. The tantalizing scent and flavour rivals what one would find in an authentic Thai restaurant.

The curry is made with vibrant vegetables and no protein source. The vegetables, consisting of broccoli and an assortment of bell peppers, are on the crunchier side, so be sure to ask for them to be cooked longer, if well-done is preferred.

The short-grain rice is moist, signalling it is boiled, a healthier option to fried rice. The portion size is large enough to divide into two meals.

Both the curry and rice are steaming hot on arrival, encouraging two thumbs up from this foodie.

The flavourful green Thai curry at Fackin' Good Food. Photo credit: Victoria Marcelle

A current vegan-food trend is taking the classic tuna or egg salad sandwich and replacing it with non-animal product option: chickpeas. The tasty cheg sandwich ($6.99) is lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and captures the essence of the cold salad sandwich.

The vegan mayo doesn’t have an obvious “earthy, vegan” taste, which is appreciated. The bread has a perfectly toasted glow but overwhelms the inside filling. While the cheg does not disappoint, one could save some dollars and easily make this at home.

Of course any culinary experience isn’t complete without dessert. Fackin Good Food offers vegan, nut-free and soy-free cupcakes. Flavours include carrot, red velvet, mint, vanilla and chocolate.

The cupcake presentation is appetizing.

The rich, chocolate icing swirls up as if enticing you to take a bite. The icing is very fluffy, like sinking your teeth into a cloud.

It does have that grittiness on the teeth that any vegan treat has, but it’s delicious. The cupcake itself is heavenly moist and the chocolate flavour is gratifying. One may be able to tell it’s vegan or think that it might be an artificial type of chocolate, but it’s still enjoyable and offers a sufficient chocolate fix.

While the cupcake, at $5.50, is overpriced, it is a treat, especially if you don’t indulge in sweets often.

Other pre-packaged quality vegan treats, such as brownies, are also available for purchase.

With generous portion sizes, an inviting presentation and pocket-friendly price points, Fackin Good Food customers leave feeling full with tastebuds beyond pleased.

Hours of operation are 12 to 7 p.m. everyday, except Sundays.