A day of giving at UOIT

They were serving up pie as part of UOIT's Pi Day of Giving. Photo credit: Cameron Andrews

The number for pi is 3.14159265359, which has infinite possibilities, like the event that gives back to UOIT students, called Pi Day of Giving.

UOIT held its second annual Pi Day March 14 to raise both money and awareness for students and the school.

Alison Broadworth, director of engagement services at UOIT, says “the fun thing about pi is that it has infinite digits after the three and we thought that represents the infinite possibilities of attending the university.”

Pi Day was founded by physicist Larry Shaw in 1988 to celebrate the mathematical constant (3.14), reflected on the calendar by March 14.

Broadworth says “a lot of the students and the faculty members around the university do use pi in their research and teachings.”

The goal of the event is to raise $50,000 for the general endowment fund for student scholarships at the campus.

Broadworth says “you have to use pi to figure out the size of a circle and this is all about growing our circle of supporters for the university and its students.”

UOIT is taking online donations from donors and sponsors like Meridian, Johnson Insurance and Algoma Orchards.

Broadworth says the event is also being supported but the regional chair, John Henry and multiple municipalities in the Durham Region, who are raising the UOIT flag in support of the event.

As part of the event, students were given free slices of pie at the UB Atrium, ERC Atrium, the Library, and the Software and Informatics Research Centre (SIRC) Building.

The slices were given to students by faculty and volunteers. There were also games like Pie Face! at the tables for people to enjoy and a UOIT Instagram frame for photos.

At the time of publishing, the event had raised just under $35,000 as it tries to reach a goal of $50,000.