24 HOURS DC/UOIT: Library is ‘heart and soul’ of campus

The library on the DC, UOIT campus in north Oshawa. Photo credit: Cameron Andrews

Our second-year Journalism – Mass Media students from Durham College have tackled a special project – one we are calling ’24 Hours DC/UOIT’.
On Feb. 5, 2019, the students visited particular areas of the Durham College and UOIT campuses, including north Oshawa, downtown Oshawa and Whitby.

They talked to people, snapped pictures and gathered stories from students, faculty and staff about their campus experiences. This is one in a series of 16 stories from that day.

The library at DC and UOIT was a busy place Feb. 5, with students from both schools studying for midterms.

While studying is a traditional reason for students to access the library, the building as DC and UOIT offers other uses, says Catherine Davidson, chief librarian.

Policies at the library are different and they are experimenting with things some libraries don’t have like a graphic novel section, recording rooms and 3D printers, she says.

DC and UOIT librarians, Emily Tufts (left) and Catherine Davidson. Photo credit: Cameron Andrews

Davidson has been working at the north campus library for 18 months.


Section of books at the library. Photo credit: Cameron Andrews

“Libraries are the heart and soul of the university and college,” Davidson says.

They also try to make students feel welcome.

“They need a break, it’s an important place to decompress,” Davidson adds.

The library has 108,000 physical books and 300,000 E-books. They also have records of when DC and UOIT were created. The library features a full record of the Chronicle newspaper at Durham College, Davidson says.

A row of books at the library. Photo credit: Cameron Andrews

The oldest physical book they have in the library is an engineering journal that dates back to late 1887. The book has been digitized, says Emily Tufts, associate university librarian, scholarly resources, who started working at the library in October.

The library also holds events like Long Night Against Procrastination, which is a night for students to be productive and get assistance with their education from both schools, says Davidson.

Davidson says there is not a typical student or person that comes into the library. She also says faculty don’t usually come into the library but just access files from their computers.

Students studying in the library. Photo credit: Cameron Andrews

The library also has study rooms that can be booked online for groups of students who need a quiet area to study and finish work. They also have study rooms for individuals that can be used throughout the school day.

Students studying at the library in a group study area. Photo credit: Cameron Andrews

“We are here to serve the Durham region community,” says Tuft.

Tufts says alumni and people from the community also come and access some of the files that are in the library.