How to get to a music lover’s heart

DC students Caitlin Kennedy and Colton Gallagher listening to music together. Photo credit: Keisha Slemensky

Music is known as the language of love. A shared musical taste is one of the most important aspects in romance and, arguably, whether or not there is a shared interest in genres can make or break a relationship.

Music sparks a unique kind of passion in people.

A 2001 study, performed by neuroscientists Anne Blood and Robert Zatorre at McGill University in Montreal, discovered the reason why music provides us with such a strong emotional reaction. They discovered when people listen to music they like, the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain are activated resulting in a euphoric response. We get similar responses from sex, good food and addictive drugs.

Ke$ha sang it best with her song, “Your love is my drug.”

Watching people listen to music is such an uplifting experience. Seeing their bodies sway and their facial expressions change to the melody is almost a glimpse into their mind.

Human beings are very impressionable and music makes an impression.

French psychologists Nicolas Guéguen, Céline Jacob and Lubomir Lamy did a study in 2010 where they exposed a group of women to romantic lyrics and another group to neutral lyrics. The women were then confronted by a man asking for their phone numbers. The group who were exposed to romantic lyrics were more open to giving their number away.

Another reason music is so essential to relationships is related to sexual health.

Y. Mark Hong, MD, a urologist with Arizona Urology Specialists in Phoenix and Scottsdale, says men with low testosterone who want to boost their sex drive should listen to music.

Music is important in relationships but let’s not forget the most important thing: romance.

Here are some tips on how to add some musical spice to your romantic life.

Playlists are the integrity of music and love. It proves you pay attention to who your significant other is and what they like.

Are you planning a romantic dinner date with your partner? A playlist is the way to go. Play some fun sing-a-long songs while you cook and put on slow love songs while you are eating together. Light some candles and you’re set for romance.

Pay attention to music during important moments you have together. Every relationship has moments that become the glue to a relationship. Memories hold such emotion that you can’t help but smile when you remember. Let’s say you went to a live show during one of your dates, playing a song from the show later in a relationship can show your partner you value those memories.

For those who are musically talented, learn to play your significant other’s favourite songs or find a song that reminds you of them. Those memories will surely be treasured.

For me, music is like the cement on the road of love. Passion is the road sign showing you are on the right path and humour is the scenery around you, adding colour to your trip.

Every road trip needs a good playlist to keep things interesting. Even if the trip has some boring parts, if you push through and put your foot on the gas, you will get to your destination and it will be even better than the trip there.