24 HOURS DC/UOIT: Want to snooze outside of class? Here’s a few sleepy places on campus

DC pre-health sciences students Ali Lalani (left) and Nicole Harriott (right) use napping pods in the CFCE building to work with their study group. Photo credit: Peter Fitzpatrick

Our second-year Journalism – Mass Media students from Durham College have tackled a special project – one we are calling ’24 Hours DC/UOIT’.
On Feb. 5, 2019, the students visited particular areas of the Durham College and UOIT campuses, including north Oshawa, downtown Oshawa and Whitby.

They talked to people, snapped pictures and gathered stories from students, faculty and staff about their campus experiences. This is one in a series of 16 stories from that day.

Places like the Solace Centre are a prime example of a location on campus students can unwind at Durham College.

But if you are looking to catch some real ZZZZZs, you might look at the napping pods in the Centre for Collaborative Education (CFCE), the new $35 million building that fronts onto Simcoe Street.

The Solace Centre offers couches, chairs and soft lighting for leisure time, but the pods in the CFCE have been popular since the building opened in the fall and may top the list of places for student to relax on the DC, UOIT campus.

The napping pods in the CFCE offer a soft space to rest. Photo credit: Peter Fitzpatrick

Some students have already seen the benefits of the space and use it frequently. Nikita Bennett, a DC pre-health sciences student, told the Chronicle on Feb. 5 she and her classmates use the space to work in a study group or just to pass time.

“[We’re here] really until the building closes, it just depends. Right now we’re going to probably be here until about 9 p.m. just finishing assignments for all of our classes,” Bennett said, adding they come to the pods often.

The pods are also great for students with a long commute, according to Ali Lalani, another student in the pre-health sciences group.

“I’ve seen a lot of students that come from Toronto and Ajax that just can’t go home after their first class…I see them chilling here for two or three hours taking a nap or something,” Lalani said.

The napping pods are a comfortable addition to DC’s and UOIT’s list of places for students to relax, according to the group of pre-health sciences students.

The area the napping pods are located in the CFCE also have normal chairs to sit in. Photo credit: Peter Fitzpatrick

Nicole Harriott, another student from the pre-health sciences study group, thinks spaces to relax are important for students.

“You kind of need to destress yourself from the hard work that you’re putting through to get through school,” Harriott said.

They’re also an important place to get work done, according to group member, Annabel Iyawe.

(From left) DC photography students Tegan Sonley, Hang Bui and videography student Travis Bennett use the couches above the Computer Commons to study. Photo credit: Peter Fitzpatrick

“I think a change of scenery really is important as well. It’s outside of the classroom so it’s another place that you can come and sit and do your homework,” Iyawe said.

In addition to the napping pods, students can spend their free time on campus in other locations, such as the lounge above the computer commons in the South Wing of the Gordon Willey building as well as the new lounge in the Student Centre.

Students use the benches along the walls on the third floor of the A-wing to hang out and work. Photo credit: Peter Fitzpatrick

Students at UOIT can be seen unwinding in the atrium in the Science Building, along with available seating in the Energy Systems and Nuclear Science Research Centre and Business and IT Building.

Students also enjoy lounging on the couches overlooking the school gym.