Oshawa is a Truly spiritual community

Medium Truly Dubourdieu provides her clients with spiritual readings out of her home office in Oshawa. Photo credit: Jackie Graves

A quick Google search shows Durham Region has dozens of psychic and medium organizations. Less common is one that requires clients to book 22 months in advance.

Truly Dubourdieu, 38, otherwise known as Truly Medium, is an independent business owner who offers spiritual guidance and healing out of her home office in Oshawa. She has been a professional medium for seven years but says she began practising readings when she was 15.

She recalls first discovering her “gifts” at the age of three when she says she began seeing a man sitting at the end of her bed.

Dubourdieu says the man would tell her stories about Bugs Bunny, trains, and “little radios” to help her fall asleep.

“When I started getting older, I would tell my mom about him,” she says. “She was a medium too, so she knew it was safe and that, energetically, it was OK. But I guess it started to bother her.”

According to Dubourdieu, her mother didn’t know who the man was until she approached her grandmother with her story.

Her grandmother told her the man she saw was her grandfather.

Dubourdieu’s grandfather died at the age of 21 after being involved in a train accident. Before his death, he used to watch cartoons with his daughter every Saturday morning.

At the start of every session, Dubourdieu thanks God for her gifts before she says the spirits present themselves to her. She says she is a “physical evidential medium,” which she describes as being “a little bit different” than others.

“When I work, I allow spirits to enter into my body,” she says. “I’ll take on the mannerisms, the personality traits, the quirks, how they sit, how they move, how they talk.”

Dubourdieu says more spirits other than the deceased will join the sessions to help clients with the healing process.

“Once I feel all of the dead people are in the room, I invite angels and spirit guides into the room,” she says. “They can then talk to their person and carry on a conversation.”

Dubourdieu says she feels the spiritual community is “a lot stronger” in Durham region, but adds there are “a lot of frauds” in her line of work.

She encourages people to pay attention to who they are dealing with.

“I want people to really look at how that person impacts other people,” she says. “As a medium, it’s a big responsibility to share messages from the other side, and unfortunately, that isn’t always done well.”

Today, Dubourdieu offers private and group readings for rates ranging from $160-$400. She also hosts live readings across Ontario where she channels spirits for the audience.

She says she attributes her success in building her business “slowly” and “with love.”