Kids’ Safety Village opens after $700,000 renovation

GO Transit has partnered with Kids' Safety Village Durham to teach young students about rail safety.
GO Transit has partnered with Kids' Safety Village Durham to teach young students about rail safety.

After a year-long closure for renovations, Kids’ Safety Village Durham officially reopened January 9.

The village has been in operation since 1995 and according to Durham Regional Police Community Safety Officer Const. Corey Walsh some of the buildings were over twenty-two years old and were in need of a renovation.

It is designed to resemble a small village which teaches children how to be safe on the streets.

The village also offers courses on stranger safety, hydro, police, the proper use of 911, and online safety.

Some of the renovations include expansion of the main office areas and two brand new accessible classrooms. One of the classrooms is being used for fire safety.

Walsh says “the fire safety is new to us, we’ve only ever presented police programming. This includes a mini apartment where kids can go through and do safety audits on and learn about fire safety.”

The fire safety programs are taught by rotating members from eight of Durham Region’s fire departments, according to Walsh.

Walsh says they are also looking for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and medical-related businesses to come and teach kids about first aid.

Another addition is the partnership with GO Transit to teach school-aged children how to properly and legally cross railway tracks. There will be signal lights, crossing gates, warning bells and lights, according to the safety village website.

The GO transit program runs from January until the end of June of this year and is offered Thursdays and an hour long.

Walsh says since the re-opening there has been very positive feedback and having the larger spaces means more courses can be added.

The cost of the renovations was approximately $700,000, according to Walsh.

Kids’ Safety Village Durham is located in 1129 Athol St., Whitby, adjacent to Sir William Stephenson Public School.