Provincial Politics – Democracy or Dictatorship?

Oh, the irony! Toronto mortgage agent, George Labatia, demonstrates the undeniable parallels of Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Avenger's Infinity War villain, Thanos.

A democratic government ensures all decisions are made on consensus. Unfortunately, Ontarians have expressed their gross disappointment on the internet of the day-after-day charades of the regime that is “Ford Nation”.

On Oct. 2 when Ontario Premier Doug Ford stated he intends to scrap the Bill 148 Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act (an array of worker protections), it was clear the Ford administration demonstrates a dictatorship, not a democracy. According to, “dictators usually resort to force or fraud to gain despotic political power, which they maintain through the use of intimidation, terror, and the suppression of basic civil liberties.”

As any dictator, Ford operates in his own interest and to benefit the rich. Ford’s choice to cancel the increase to Ontario’s minimum wage shows he has no interest in bettering the lives of the working class, even though this is what he says he is working hard to do.

On Sept. 26, Ford’s Labour Minister Laurie Scott confirmed at a press conference that the minimum wage will be paused at $14 an hour. A dictator strives to control citizens through economic manipulation rather than offering them a higher standard of living with reasonable wages. This rings true here.

Ford has little regard for the well-being of the rest of Ontario residents and ignores the opinions of others. When an Ontario court ruled that using the notwithstanding clause to cut Toronto councilor seats was an interference in municipal elections and a violation of democratic integrity, Ford chose to disregard the court ruling and override of the Charter of Rights and Freedom.

Ford publicly added he wanted to make it clear that he is prepared to override the Charter in future. A statement used to exert his supremacy over the municipal government and control over the province.

Not only has Ford replaced the sexual education to an older 1998 model, he also expressed his interest in punishing teachers who continue to teach the 2015 curriculum.

The Ford administration created a website ( which allows parents to complain directly to the Ontario College of Teachers about teachers who resist teaching the updated curriculum. Ford uses the fear of punishment to deter non-conforming teachers, just as a dictator would use fear to control citizens.

A politician who supports an education system that does not address the latest social issues, such as cyber-bullying, STDs, HIV, sexting and sexual intercourse consent, is one who supports the suppression of his people through lack of education. An uninformed generation of children lacks the knowledge needed for the development of our society. What kind of a future will this create?

In addition to Ford’s lack of interest in upholding the fundamentals of democracy, his character flaws unravel each day he is premier.

Let’s not forget the video footage of protestors expressing their discontent with the usage of the notwithstanding clause. They were arrested at Queen’s Park.

Then consider the comment made by NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who publicly stated Ford disrespectfully “muzzles” female cabinet ministers.

Maybe it is time the federal government gives Ford a taste of his own medicine. It’s time to implement Bill 39, Recall Act, 2004, “an act to amend the Election Act respecting the recall of Members of the Assembly.”

Before it’s too late.