Main Tims brewing again at DC, UOIT

Mark Rizk, mechatronics engineering student at UOIT, pleased to get his food and coffee at the new Tims on the Durham, UOIT campus. Photo credit: Leslie Ishimwe

After being closed for more than six months, the main Tim Hortons at Durham College (DC), UOIT is open.

And students couldn’t be any happier, especially now that they don’t have to stand outside in the cold where a temporary Tims trailer was operating.

The main Tims, located on the second floor of the school’s B-wing, was closed due to a flood in April and renovations have been ongoing since.

Although there are other Tim Hortons locations open on campus where beverages and muffins are served, the main location is the largest and served up more options from bagels to hot food items, such as potato wedges.

DC pre-health student Melissa Hoven says the renovated Tims has a fresh look and she’s pleased it’s finally open because it’s conveniently close to her classes.

Kaza Sajad, an engineering student at UOIT who was standing in line at the new Tims, adds “whenever I went to get food, it was always raining and it kind of sucked.”

Alan Dunn, DC’s associate vice-president of facilities and ancillary services, told the Chronicle in October the cost of the renovations was between $200,000 and $1 million.

In an email interview Monday, Dunn said the $200,000 figure is “sufficient at this point.”

Todd McKinnon, food services director at DC, says the college is on the hook to refresh the Tim Hortons brand roughly every seven years. The full-service location was reaching its fifth anniversary and was starting to show its age before the flood.

There are minor renovations left to be worked on but the remodelled Tims is fully open for business, he says.

There is one notable change at the new Tims. The express line, where students didn’t have to stand in line for long and could use their student card to pay, is no longer an option.

But Dunn says Aramark is working to launch an application which “will allow patrons to place an order remotely, pay through the app, and then simply pick up their order once they arrive.”

He also said the app will roll out shortly.