Letting the corporate training secret out at Durham College

One of the CTS members at Durham College. Photo credit: Image provided by Tara Brodie

How are General Motors, Hyundai, and Ontario Power Generation connected to Durham College? To answer, you would need to know about one of DC’s best-kept secrets.

The director of Corporate Training Services (CTS) at Durham College, Tara Brodie, admits the multi-million-dollar corporate program at DC is a mystery to most.

CTS is located at the Whitby campus and is a hands-on customized training program which connects the college with industries such as General Motors and Hyundai. It all depends on the issues those companies need help with, according to Brodie.

Brodie says the college works with hundreds of companies. “It doesn’t matter the industry or size of a client, the approach of what we do for our clients (doesn’t change),” says Brodie who goes on to explain CTS solves business issues through training. CTS is currently developing a video content for one of its clients.

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Media Design Specialist at CTS, Bryan Evans.

CTS has been operating for more than 30 years. Brodie says the reason the program is relatively unknown at Durham College is that CTS is a “non-traditional part of the college.” The CTS does not only operate at the Whitby campus but goes all over Canada to help clients with training sessions.

A traditional program at DC has students, professors and pre-determined courses but with CTS a company brings in employees who require training and CTS instructors or industry experts help with the training.

Doug Hart, curriculum design manager at CTS, says it’s important to understand and engage the client in order to determine their needs. Hart works with different corporate companies and runs a program for them every six months.

CTS won a million-dollar deal with General Motors 25 years ago and they’ve been partners since, according to an article from the Chronicle, written in 1993.

The program has worked with 14,923 automotive customers in the past year. Training was provided in 32 cities in both English and French. Essentially, CTS helps those customers with sales and services, Brodie says.

CTS also has a testing program. For instance, if management companies want to sell insurance, they would have to take an exam. CTS monitors the exam on their behalf, Brodie says.

CTS not only provides training services like the Life Licensing Qualification Program, but also has eLearning services.

In November, upcoming courses include Air Brake Endorsement, Brewery Lab Setup and Testing, and Class D Driver Training.