Durham hits a high mark after 10 year hiatus from marketing competition

Durham Colleges Marketing team at the OCMC 2018 event. Photo credit: Courtesy of DurhamOCMC2018 instagram

After an absence of more than a decade, Durham College Marketing students have returned to the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition (OCMC) Durham College where they had fun – and some success.

They spent the weekend of Nov. 15-17 at Fanshawe College in London for the competition.

The opening night kicked off with an event known as the Quiz Bowl, a jeopardy-style event between all of the colleges present. The students were divided into 12 teams, made up of people from different schools.

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Durham College is represented at the OCMC with Hulk hands and customized golf shirts Photo credit: Courtesy of DurhamOCMC2018 instagram

“Durham was the most energetic school there, we were constantly cheering for our teams,” said Jordan Beer, a student at Durham College.

Students from the marketing team in the crowd for the Quiz Bowl said they were “obnoxiously” loud, and it intrigued a student from George Brown enough to come sit with them for the fun.

“We had a pair of Hulk hands for every student on the team, to represent the school,” said Nick Bowman, a student at Durham College.

The actual competition, which hosted more than 300 students, began the next day.

Durham College’s Marketing team represented DC colours with customized golf shirts and foam Hulk hands, chanting “DC Smash!” and “DC Here!” to support the school’s teams in each category.

Twelve students from the program in their second and third years were put into five categories with coaches for each: General Marketing, Integrated Marketing and Communication (IMC), Market Research, Entrepreneurship, and Prospect Pitching (sales).

“The students in the categories had 30-minutes to study their case and present it to a panel of industry professionals,” according to Brand.

Durham College placed fourth in their IMC case, which brought recognition. OCMC acknowledges teams who place in top five.

“We did good. IMC placed fourth, we were the only team from Durham who placed top five at least,” said Beer.

The students have been practicing the pitches in their categories once or twice a week since the start of September.