DC rugby athlete signs football contract

DC student James Stockwood (right) signs on to play football at U of T.

“I started playing football when I was five, I was going to play soccer but my mom missed the registration.”

Coming out of high school, James Stockwood was set to play for Champlain College in Quebec but decided the school was not what he was looking for so he decided he would follow his dream of being a police officer.

“I wanted to be a cop from day one, so it was a pretty easy decision,” says Stockwood who enrolled in Durham College’s Police Foundations program in September 2017 and is part of the first rugby team at DC.

“James is really new to the game of rugby and has worked really hard in practice and has worked his way onto the roster as a starter,” says John Watkins, Durham College rugby coach.

Now the DC student and rugby player is taking the next step in his athletic career. James Stockwood will be studying Political Science while playing for the University of Toronto Varsity Blues.

Watkins says, “I’m excited for him to continue in athletics.”

Stockwood’s two-year program comes to an end in 2019. He signed a football contract with U of T this past week and says he is excited to get back into competitive football after two years of only playing in the summer.

He has played football for the Peterborough Wolverines, Clarington TigerCats, St. Stephens Royals and most recently the Durham Dolphins.

Although he is excited to play football again, he says he will miss playing rugby at Durham College.

“I like the team aspect, we are all a big group of brothers. I’m gonna miss the bond we have and how we have gotten along the entire year,” says Stockwood.

Current rugby teammate Taylor Dallas says he is excited for Stockwood to continue in athletics.

He says he “wants him back next year (playing rugby) but don’t tell him that.”

According to Stockwood, he was scouted during summer football by 32 teams, which is every university in Ontario and some in Quebec.

If UOIT had a football team Stockwood says, “I would definitely play.”