Whitby seeks (paid) student help on election day

Students who are political junkies or those just looking to put a little cash in their wallets might be interested in a one-day job in Whitby.

The Town of Whitby is looking for Durham College and UOIT students to administer a survey the day of the municipal election, and yes, it is a paid gig.

It takes place Oct. 22, 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and students will be paid $160 for their services.

The survey requires six students, working in pairs to travel to several of the 15 voting locations in Whitby. One person in each pair must have a vehicle.

The survey will be administered to electors on an iPad. Administering the survey to each person takes 3-5 minutes.

Anyone interested in this job can contact Shrishma Dave through email at daves@whitby.ca and provide: Name, mailing address, mobile phone number, email address and whether or not they have access to a vehicle.