St. Vincent’s gobbles into Thanksgiving

Harvest time means it's Thanksgiving and St. Vincent's Kitchen in downtown Oshawa is offering a free meal Monday to those in need. Photo credit: Chronicle archives

For many, one turkey on Thanksgiving is enough. But not for St. Vincent’s kitchen.

The downtown Oshawa facility will cook up to 20 turkeys, 25 pies, a handful of hams and serve more than 200 people on Thanksgiving Monday.

Donna Marks, a legal assistant at Marks and Marks, has been volunteering at St. Vincent’s for almost 20 years and says it gives her the opportunity to be with neighbours in need.

“Thanksgiving is an event, a national event, that recognizes how fortunate we are in this country,” Marks says, adding Thanksgiving gives her an opportunity to share blessings with those in need.

St. Vincent’s opened its doors on October 15, 1990. Thanksgiving dinner has been served each year since the kitchen’s opening.

Meals normally cost $1.50 and meal tickets are also given out for those who need them. Meals for children under 12 are free. However, all meals are free on Thanksgiving Monday.

Valerie Moreton, manager of operations at St. Vincent’s, says there can be less people on Thanksgiving because many spend the holiday with family.

However, Moreton says it is important to hold the dinner because some people don’t have families to go to and want to be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

The community who use the kitchen are grateful and very appreciative, Moreton says, adding, it helps people feel like no one is forgotten and they get to enjoy a delicious meal.

The kitchen, located at 51 King St. E., is open 365 days a year, and has holiday-focused dinners on all holidays, such as Christmas and Easter.

Thanksgiving dinner runs 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Mon. Oct. 9.