Shave your legs, don’t shave your dollars

Gillette has recently launched a high-end $150 shaving product: the heated razor. The product is aimed at men who enjoy a hot shave but struggle with keeping the heat consistent.

Despite the ridiculous price of this fancy hot razor, women are the ones who are feeling the heat when it comes to the amount of money they pay for everyday razors.

In 2016, ParseHub data-mined 3,199 personal care products in Canada from companies such as Walmart and Loblaws. They discovered products for Canadian women cost 43 per cent more compared to men’s products.

Those numbers sum up what has been called the “pink tax”. The pink tax refers to the extra amount women pay for common personal care products such as deodorants, hair products, lotions, soaps and razors.

It is not a real tax. You won’t find it on your receipts underneath the lovely 13 per cent harmonized sales tax (HST).

Awareness about the pink tax rose in 2014, after The New York Times released an editorial about a petition against shopping discrimination in France.

The petition was created by feminist Georgette Sand, who asked the Monoprix supermarket chain to have equal prices for male and female hygiene products.

A year later, many internet articles and discussion boards questioned whether or not the pink tax was real. Were women crying wolf? Well, ParseHub’s study confirmed the pink tax to be true. Shocker.

The study also found female razors and blade replacements cost more than men’s products. Is it because they look more “girly”? Well, they cost 63 per cent more. Outrageous.

The ParseHub survey was done two years ago but despite the awareness raised, the pink tax is still around. A 2018 study conducted by RIFT Tax Refunds found female razors still cost 6.3 per cent more.

Although it is a great improvement, why are women paying more?

Apparently, women’s razors are much more different than men’s. 99 Cent Razor, an online company which sends affordable razors to your door monthly, says factors such as shape and blade angle separate the two types.

Feminine razors have a more curved handle than male razors so women can see the backs of their legs better while shaving. 99 Cent Razor does offer their own feminine pack of disposable razors for a monthly subscription of $3.96 per month.

Smooth legs can feel great, but it does not feel great realizing you are spending extra money for a pink or purple razor. It’s like you’re putting your money too close to a hot razor and it goes up in flames.

It’s hard to believe the angle of a razor really helps women shave any better. If you’ve been shaving your legs for years, you’ll know how to get the job done.

Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, are also online businesses similar to 99 Cent Razor. They offer reusable and affordable unisex razors and invite their female customers with open arms.

Save your money rather than shave your money. Buy the male or unisex razors, they’ll still get the job done.

Don’t worry about the bells and whistles, and definitely don’t worry how hot your razor can stay. Shave in a hot shower.