Main Tims location set to open at end of month

Shaii Sathya, a second year student in Protection Security Investigation, in front of the Tim Hortons trailer in front of the Gordon Willey building. Photo credit: Justin Bailey

After six-months of renovation the main Tim Hortons on the Oshawa campus of Durham College (DC), UOIT is tentatively set to re-open Oct. 29.

This according to Todd McKinnon, food services director at DC.

An ice storm caused drains on the school roof to clog on April 16. Water then ran off the roof and flooded many parts of B-Wing, including the only full-serve Tim Hortons on the Oshawa campus, McKinnon said. The damage was so bad the college was forced to close the location, he added.

Todd McKinnon, food services director at Durham College. Photo credit: Justin Bailey

According to McKinnon, the college is on the hook to refresh the Tim Hortons brand roughly-every seven years. The full-service location was reaching its fifth anniversary and was starting to show its age before the flood.

“Instead of just repairing the damage, which was extensive, they decided to do the refresh,” McKinnon said.

The damage was so severe they had to gut the entire location.

“The whole location went down to bare bones, it went down to studs,” he said.

Demolition and renovation aren’t cheap, and Alan Dunn, DC’s associate vice-president of facilities and ancillary services, said the college is responsible for picking up the cheque.

“In cost it’ll be $200,000 at least,” he said. He added this price could climb by the time the work completes. “More than $200,000, less than a million I think,” Dunn said.

He added the college had little control over what went into the renovation.

“Tim Hortons themselves are pretty prescriptive in the way they want their brand presented,” he said.

Tims Locations.jpg
An infographic showing the location of other Tim Hortons Locations on campus

Students looking for their favourite cup of joe haven’t had to adjust their route too much to find it. There are two self-serve locations and two kiosks spread across both campuses offering limited menu items. McKinnon said for the first time on any college campus, Tim Hortons also provided a trailer.

The trailer is located outside the Gordon Willey building on DC’s Oshawa campus, and provides more options than the self-serve and kiosk locations.

“Honestly I find it very convenient,” said Shaii Saphya, second year student in Protection Security Investigation.

When it was open, the full-service location processed up to 2,900 orders per day during the regular school year, and 1,750 during the summer. This adds up to 635,000 transactions annually, making this the second busiest on-campus location in southern Ontario, according to McKinnon.

“It’s a busy place, we’re one of the largest Tim Hortons in southern Ontario,” McKinnon said.

He also noted the only other location to do more business is the one on the Scarborough campus of U of T.