DRPS takes to Twitter to find man wanted for voyeurism in Oshawa

Surveillance photo of the man suspected of two incidents of voyeurism.

Durham Regional Police Services have just released a surveillance photo on their Twitter @DRPS of a man suspected of voyeurism.

In the surveillance photo, the man stands at approximately 5’8” with a slim build and dark moustache and beard. He can be seen wearing a black bomber jacket, skinny jeans and a baseball cap.

The man is suspected to have taken unsolicited videos in the of one male victim August 14 and another September 22, this year. The videos were taken in the men’s washroom in the Oshawa Centre.

In the second case, the victim confronted the man, causing him to flee the scene.

When asked about why the photo was released nearly a month after the last incident, the DRPS media relations say police have “a number of investigations on the go” and after “exhausting all other options” they turn to Twitter to stir up leads.

This isn’t the first time the Oshawa Centre has had an issue with inappropriate picture-taking.

This past July, CBC reported on a personal blog, dubbed CanadaCreeping, featuring multiple pictures of women of varying ages, including hashtags such as #sexyteen and #teenbubblebutt.

The blog was discovered by Chriseen Thorton, who found it on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 4.10.40 PM.png

In the case of CanadaCreeping, CBC quotes DRPS spokesperson Dave Selby saying the pictures “were taken in a public place” so he “technically isn’t breaking any laws.”

Section 162 (1) of the Criminal Code says voyeurism is an instance of “circumstances that give rise to a reasonable expectation of privacy,” with clear proof the intentions behind the actions are sexual.

According to the Criminal Code, a charge of voyeurism can lead to imprisonment not exceeding five years. However, DRPS media relations says charges depend on the case and the judge.

The pictures on the CanadaCreeping blog have since been removed. DRPS media relations also says there have been no new leads about the voyeurism suspect since the Twitter post.