DC, UOIT’s bits to be fit

The main entrance to the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre. Photo credit: Rachelle Baird

Durham College and UOIT have plenty to offer for recreationally-minded people on campus.

Sports enthusiasts can be found in several areas at the school, including the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre (CRWC), the Campus Ice Centre and the Campus Fieldhouse, also know as the bubble or dome adjacent to the soccer field.

The CRWC has been around since 2007 and was built to accommodate the growing campus. Students contributed to the building’s construction through their fees, says Ken Babcock, DC’s director of athletics and recreation.

The CRWC is open to all students and fees are included with their tuition. Within the facility are five gyms, a fitness area equipped with the latest cardio and weight machines and a 200-metre running track.

The CRWC also offers a number of group fitness classes such as Zumba, yoga, spin classes and Pilates. These four-session classes are held annually and are taught by qualified instructors, according to the CRWC website.

Free self-defence classes are also offered and they are open to all students.

According to the website, students are taught the physical and mental aspects of self-defence. The physical aspects teach students how to get out of various holds. The mental aspects include, de-escalation techniques and other social skills.

The CRWC is also home to the FLEX fitness centre and the gyms host intramural sports such as dodgeball, table tennis, basketball and volleyball.

Other intramurals include flag football, ice hockey and soccer and the Campus Ice Centre offers free skating to students. Free skating at the Campus Ice Centre runs Monday to Friday from noon to 2 p.m, and both hockey and figure skates are provided if needed.

Intramurals are for students who wish to play at a non-varsity level. Those who want to move to a higher level and compete outside of the campus can try out for the extramural teams, playing for the Lords at DC or the UOIT Ridgebacks in a variety of sports.

Shot of the fitness centre
The FLEX fitness centre equipped with the latest workout equipment. Photo credit: Courtesy of Durham College

Sports offered at the extramural level at DC includes women’s fastball, men’s baseball, soccer, golf, rugby, volleyball, basketball. UOIT offers men’s and women’s hockey, golf, soccer, field lacrosse, rowing, curling, table tennis, badminton and dance

With any of these activities, students must present a valid student ID card.

As for what the future holds for recreational opportunities on campus, Babcock says, “we are always listening to students, hearing what they would like to see on campus.”

Pools were considered but they are expensive to build and operate and students didn’t want to pay for it, says Babcock.

Students who wish to swim can receive a student discount for any of the city’s recreation complexes, according to the City of Oshawa website.

Future expansion plans for campus include adding new fields, improvements to the basketball courts and the softball field, Babcock says.