DC time capsule will be opened in 2067

Don Lovisa (holding box on left) and members of Durham College's Board of Governors installing the time capsule at the Centre for Collaborative Education. Photo credit: Meagan Secord

Not everything is new in Durham College’s new $40 million Centre for Collaborative Education (CFCE) building that just opened on campus.

As part of the grand opening, a time capsule was put in place just outside the entrance on the south side of the building.

The capsule contains about 15 items mostly marking the 50th anniversary of the school. It was sealed in the ground at the CFCE’s grand opening Oct. 2 and holds memories for future generations to look back on when it is opened in 2067, DC’s 100th year.

Durham College President Don Lovisa says the capsule contains letters for future generations to read, including one from himself to the president 50 years from now. There are copies of the Chronicle, 50th anniversary DC memorabilia and an iPhone.

He says they wanted to depict the current times in the capsule.

“The idea for a time capsule came up during our brainstorming sessions for ways to celebrate the college’s 50th anniversary in 2017,” says Dr. Scott Blakey, the chief administrative officer at Durham College.

“We were having so much fun exploring the archives and digging into the rich history of Durham College, it inspired us to take on a project that would both commemorate this milestone anniversary and contribute to DC’s centennial celebration in another 50 years.”