Day of the Dead at Whitby Station Gallery

Jason Stieva, owner of Shallow Grave Studios, setting up a pop-up exhibit of gothic sculptures for Day of the Dead at Whitby Station Gallery

Skulls and costumes aren’t just for Halloween at the Whitby Station Gallery (SG).

SG will host its first Day of the Dead celebration on Nov. 1.

The Day of the Dead is an event traditionally celebrated in Mexican and Latin American cultures, consisting of parties and food.

Also referred to as Dia de los Muertos, the holiday focuses on celebrating the life of the dead as opposed to mourning them.

Kerri King is the CEO at SG. She says this event allows people to get creative, and she is no exception. King has spray painted her wedding dress in preparation for Frida Kahlo, who is considered to be one of Mexico’s greatest artists.

Prizes will be awarded for best costume. Event goers will also have access to the SG’s tickle trunk in case their costume needs something extra.

The evening will include theatrical performances, various artworks, music, dance and food. There will also be a cash bar with tequila and Coronas.

Viva Mexico, a mariachi band, will perform throughout the night.

Actress Lynne Griffin, who has starred in horror films Black Christmas and Curtains and actor Sean Sullivan, who has starred in Wayne’s World and Back to the Future III, will act as artistic hosts during the event. They are married, and members at SG who share a strong interest in the holiday.

Griffin and Sullivan will be performing poetry readings and scenes throughout the night. Sullivan has also written several songs for the evening, King says, and will be performing those as well.

Griffin and Sullivan also created an ofrenda for the event. An ofrenda is an arrangement of items placed on an altar representing the life of the dead.

In addition to the exhibits already on display, a unique pop-up exhibit will be available to view for the event.

A gothic sculpture part of the Shallow Graves Studios pop-up exhibit

Jason Stieva, owner of Sinful Inflictions tattoo shop in Whitby and Shallow Grave Studios, will be showcasing his gothic sculptures.

“That’s what we do here, we’re a creative hub, we’re a space for people to get in touch with their own sense of freedom around creativity, whatever that might look like,” King says.

Tickets are $20 at the door, $15 in advance online or at the gallery. The event will start at 7 p.m. at 1450 Henry Street in Whitby.