420 Durham students. 50 teams. 48 hours. One movie wins Friday.

Durham College School of Media, Art and Design (MAD) dean Greg Murphy talking to students who are taking part in the MAD 48-Hour Film Challenge. Photo credit: Dakota Evans

Durham College Media, Art and Design (MAD) students are welcomed back after the long weekend with the school’s third annual MAD 48-hour Film Challenge.

DC’s (MAD) students from five programs in the school of MAD including first-year media fundamentals and second-year advanced film. The students will be put together for the next 48-hours to produce a short film that is no longer than 103 seconds.

The students spent the morning in the campus gym for the debrief on what their films will entail, who is in their group, and what role each of the individuals will be taking on.

The group of eager students was first introduced to the MAD dean, Greg Murphy, who said that this film challenge is “the biggest in the world,” according to him.

“Most film challenges have 35 to 40 people in them, they assemble, they meet and put a plan together. We thought why would we do that? Why don’t we have 420 people and put them in a team where they don’t know each other,” Murphy said.

The event has 50 teams of students competing to have their film picked as the winner by a jury of industry professionals.

The theme for this year’s challenge is “A Hero’s Journey.” The students when assigned their groups were given a type of hero from reluctant or fallen, to anti-hero as well as given a prop that must be used.

The films will be screened on Fri. Oct. 12, 2018, at The Cineplex Odeon on Grandview and Taunton in Oshawa. The doors for the screening will open at 8:30 a.m. and the screening will start at 9.

Following the screening, the jury will be critiquing the films on How they used the prop given, audience reaction, audio levels, sound effects, and originality of the film.