Opioid abuse focus of Solace Centre film screening

Chris Cull, the host of the Reel Talks event at Durham College's Solace Centre. Source: Solace Centre Facebook page

DC alumni Chris Cull, who currently works in addictions and battled prescription drug abuse himself, will screen his new documentary at Durham College next week.

The abuse, which was caused by events such as the death of his father and family turmoil, left him in need of a change in direction, according to his online biography.

Cull spent five years trying to overcome the addiction he was battling and decided he would help himself by helping others.

In 2014, Cull took a team of young filmmakers with him as he cycled across the country to film a documentary on the prescription drug abuse epidemic in Canada.

Cull will host an event titled “Reel Talks: Inspire By Example” in the Solace Centre, Thurs. Sept. 27, where he will screen the documentary and discuss drug addiction, and how to cope with it.

Heather Bickle, who runs the centre, hopes this screening will spark interest in wellness events to happen bi-weekly throughout the school year.

Bickle says prefers the centre for the event because it’s a “safer space” which she wants to use to her advantage.

“A limited space allows people to feel like they have a voice,” she says. “Engaging students with their health and wellness using different mediums such as film. Classrooms feel more like academic settings. Here’s a safe space, someone’s living room.”