Campus expects to receive new alert system

Alertus notifications could be sent to devices and television screens on campus. Photo credit: Jackie Graves

The office of campus safety wants to take over the IT network – in an emergency, that is.

The Safety and Security office is working with IT to develop an alert system that can be broadcast across DC and UOIT, said director of Campus Safety, Tom Lynch.

The alerts would be sent out using the Alertus app. It notifies users in the event of an emergency, such as extreme weather, active shootings, or evacuation notices. It can send alerts across campus and all of its facilities, using the IT network to send notifications directly to cellphones and televisions.

“To me, this is an exciting thing,” said Lynch. “Everyone has a screen, so this is expanding our ability to communicate on campus.”

This technology is used by universities and colleges locally and overseas. The University of Saskatchewan adopted the technology after the shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007 to better protect its students.

While the cost of the project is still in works, Lynch expects to launch this technology Jan. 1, 2019.