Durham College Students Inc. focusing on students come September

The vice-presidents and president pose in The Pit.
Photo by Jasper Myers

From left to right: vice-president internal Toosaa Bush, president Jaylan Hayles, and vice-president external Geoffery Olara

The new Durham College Students Inc. executive doesn’t take office until May 10, but the newly elected officials are already in full motion planning the upcoming school year. The new president and vice-presidents say the new school year will be about putting the students first.

“We want to provide them with the student experience DC’s always talking about,” said Jaylan Hayles, DCSI’s incoming president.

During the election, Hayles promised to “restore DC to its old glory but better than ever.” He wants to focus on the students and the student experience.

The first thing planned for the school year: frosh.

“We start in May, but us three, we’re sitting down with a lot of key players,” said Hayles. “We’re making the skeletons, see what frosh week looks like.”

He said their plans for frosh are a secret right now, though on Riot Radio he said he would make it a month-long event.

Jennifer McHugh, general manager of DCSI, says she is also keen on a month-long orientation.

The three plan on also promoting school spirit all year long and giving students a voice in the decision making.

Vice-president of internal affairs, Toosaa Bush, wants to improve the student experience by bringing more social events and opportunities to the school.

“It’s mainly just social events that make the school year more enjoyable for students, but benefit the students as well,” said Bush, though he didn’t specify.

He said they’re trying to make sure there are events past frosh throughout the school year for students to look forward to.

They also plan on bringing back E.P. Taylor’s. Although it isn’t May yet, they’re already making plans for the pub.

“That space is going to be utilized 100 per cent,” said Geoffrey Olara, vice-president of external affairs.

“It’s just a matter of who’s going to get placed there, but for the most part they’re definitely going to bring back E.P.’s.”

However, McHugh said the former pub belongs to the college now, and ultimately the decision will come down to DC. But the college is interested in opening it back up and is currently looking at what can be done.

Olara said it’s just a matter of how it will be set up. The space could potentially be under construction in September, though they hope to have it done before then.

The pub originally shut down due to issues with the liquor license as well as neither student association wanting a “deficit organization” when they split.

At the candidate’s forum, Olara said he also wants to get shuttle buses between the campuses and connect students with “key stakeholders in the job market” to help provide students with a first connection into their fields.

They want to focus on helping college students get jobs after graduation. Hayles said they want to give students a “tailored job fair” catered just to college students.

Olara wants to reach out to the community to help students find employment. He said reaching out to community members in different industries would give students an opportunity to build a valuable connection while studying.

Hayles, Olara, and Bush say they want to provide students with experiences they can put on their resumes by providing opportunities to help with events.

Olara said as an example if they had a catering event, the food managements students could cater it. This gives them something to add to their resumes when they’re done school.

And as for the election promise of having Drake come to DC, Hayles said they are definitely going to try.

“I can’t promise Drake right now, because I don’t have signing power to make,” said Hayles. “We want students to feel like they came and they experienced what DC has to offer, so if that’s someone like Drake and we can afford them let’s go out and get them.”

Like Hayles, McHugh can’t promise Drake but did say the incoming executives are going to work towards having a concert of some sort.