Oshawa Music Week starts off strong

Photo by Jessy Nkunku

Students joining in on the African dance performance

Many different cultures from across the campus and community came together at the World Music Festival.

It was one of the many events which were part of Oshawa Music Week.

“I think the whole idea around rebranding was to make it more inclusive and bring the community together musically,” said Kyle Marriott, a Music Business Management student.  

The first event, the World Music Festival, was held in The Pit.

It was planned by the students of Durham College’s MBM program and supervised by professor Tony Sutherland.

“We were showing the music talent that is in Oshawa,” said MBM student, Eleanor Lau. “This is kind of a way to be like, yeah, there’s a lot of talent in Oshawa as well.”

Every performance represented a different culture and had many students come together.

People from Indigenous, Asian, Palestinian, south Asian, Caribbean, Italian and many cultures from across the area performed. Many Durham College students arrived to see the different cultures on display.

The performances ranged from tap dancing and opera, to acoustic guitar duets and steel pan. Even some students in the MBM program performed as well.

The audience was able to participate in some of the performances, with the first being a dance competition. Anyone watching was able to join in if wished to do so. The crowd was interested and started clapping along to the music during the dances.

Each performance showed the different types of talent from different cultures and taught everyone present a little about each community.

Other than the performances, different types of cultural food were served for students to enjoy, provided by Aramark. There were also cultural accessories for students to buy as well.