Don’t stress yourself over anxiety, ask for help

Photo courtesy of Durham College

Student Academic Learning Services (SALS)

The first time going to university or even college can be a difficult time for anyone, especially if it is their first time leaving home.  But there are many supports for them on campus.

If you are dealing with troubles with schoolwork, you can book an appointment with peer coaches, including Roshni Vijay, a peer coach at the college.

According to Vijay, the signs of anxiety can differ from person to person. However, they may fidget with their hands, cut themselves off from the environment around them, or fumble and appear pale. Even though the signs are similar, she says anxiety tends to be somewhat like adrenaline.

Vijay says the reason for this could be linked back to the idea of the fight or flight instinct. But anxiety is more related to fear or reacting to danger. However, she says there are ways to help someone who deals with anxiety.

There are many kinds of services like this both on campus and outside of Durham College and UOIT to help students.

One such service is the Peer Coaching, which can help students understand and figure out when to do the assignments as well as how to do them. There is also SALS and the Access and Support Centre. There are also people in the Health and Wellness Centre who can assist with mental health issues.

These services are free, all students need to do is ask.

Dani Bobak is a student in the Foundations in Art and Design Program who has dealt with anxiety for a while during school.

“It would have been helpful if I knew that they had things on school to help,” she says.

There is also the Zen room, located in room C111. It is an area that is mainly used to help with both spiritual well-being and other aspects of wellness.

Students can meditate here and talk to some of the coaches about problems. The room isn’t meant to be for any specific person or group of people.

It’s mainly a place where students can take time away from work, to keep them from feeling overwhelmed. There are things such as colouring, soft music, books and even a couple of board games.

Places like this are meant to help people and to work on easing them into new environments. If not for places like this, and services like that, people wouldn’t be able to speak out about their problems and difficulties, according to Vijay.

She says that the Zen room is a place where students can relieve their problems by talking about them. “If I don’t give you the space to talk or be yourself, then there’s no reason for the services,” she says.

Vijay says speaking with others about the problem can help people work through it.