DC to host ‘creative and innovative’ marketing competition

Put your “creative, innovative and business minds into practical use” with the Durham College Marketing Competition (DCMC).

The 15th annual DCMC is open to Marketing and Entrepreneurship students and will include original products, prototypes, marketing plans, product pitches and presentations.The event is not unlike CBC’s Dragon Den, which visited Durham in late February. Registration ended March 29. 

“Every student has something to offer and deserves a real chance at making a change in this world,” says event coordinator Althea Grant in a letter.

The DCMC is coordinated and planned by marketing management students. This year’s event has been organized by Peter Abolarin, Althea Grant, Brad Short, Imina Edbiri, Krista Holder and Sarah Tracey.

According to Grant, students come out of the competition with “a sense of pride and a better understanding of marketing.”

There will be a theme for participants to follow, and they must submit a plan that outlines the team’s product/service, their target market and competition, how and where they will distribute, their marketing communications strategy, the action plan and the financial side of their plan.

In the competition, participants must prepare a 20-minute presentation of their product and a marketing plan. They are evaluated on the product, marketing plan and how well they present the information.

Teams will present four times to four different panels. After the presentation, there will be a 10-minute question-and-answer session with judges.

Judges will have $70,000 of pretend money to invest with the maximum per team being $40,000. The team that receives the most money wins the competition.

Grant says 2018’s DCMC will be great practice for Durham’s entry in the Ontario Marketing Competition 2019.

The DCMC takes place April 3 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Durham College followed by a banquet for participants. Contact thedcmc2018@gmail.com  for more information.