Uber is the right choice

Everybody loves Uber because it is cheap and always accessible. But there is a new service in town. Lyft is another transportation network which allows you to get a ride off an app, also much cheaper than taxi service.

You can read for hours on end about which company is better. But how do we know for sure?

When looking at both companies, it becomes apparent that Uber is the one to steer towards.

Uber was founded in 2009 and since then has made a huge impact on transportation in terms of cost and accessibility.  Although Lyft is new to Toronto, it doesn’t mean it’s as accessible. Because Lyft being so new, the service doesn’t have as much of an impact as Uber.

Uber has been around longer than Lyft and therefore has a bigger impact. Uber is everywhere in Canada, as well as Mexico, United States, South America, the Middle East and Africa. Uber has over 500,000 drivers so there is always an Uber in your area.

You won’t have to lift your wallet as often when riding with Uber because Uber is in fact cheaper than Lyft, according to their websites.

Without getting too technical, it equals out to be that every minute you’re in an Uber is a dollar out of your pocket. Whereas, Lyft costs you $1.50 every minute. A twenty-minute car ride with Uber costs $20, but with Lyft it costs you $30.

Uber also has a delivery service, which delivers food to your door for a small fee depending on distance travelled. UberEATS delivers food from restaurants from East Side Mario’s to McDonalds.

Why drive to your nearest restaurant when you can fly with UberAir? The last reason Uber would be the road to take is because the company is already thinking of the future.

While Lyft still has all four wheels on the ground, Uber is flying high with ideas for the future. Yes, flying cars. Or as Uber calls it, UberAir.

The company is aiming to have a taxi service by helicopter or aircraft by 2020. Flying cars are categorized as “vertical takeoff and landing aircraft(VTOL).” According to Uber’s website, the closest technology we use today is a helicopter.

There are many downsides to helicopters. They are too noisy, inefficient, and costly. They also cause pollution. Uber says a VTOL will have zero operational emissions and will be silent enough to operate in cities without disturbing the public.

In conclusion, next time you hit the road, choose Uber. Although Lyft is still cheaper than a taxi and accessible, Uber is the better choice.



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