Long Night Against Procrastination helps with midterm blues at UOIT

The Student Learning Centre hosted its third Long Night Against Procrastination on March 8.

Midterm season is here and students at UOIT are beginning to feel the stress and pressures of succeeding in school. During one of the busiest times of the school year, the Student Learning Centre in the library aims to help alleviate stress by putting on their third annual Long Night Against Procrastination (LNAP) event.

The event took place on March 8 in The Den of the campus library. It featured sessions on writing tips, offered food and prizes, yoga and meditation, and a chance to sit down with research librarians to go over assignments one-on-one.

Many universities across Ontario also host the event, including the Waterloo, Laurentian, Trent, and Ryerson.

The session also had tips for students who frequently pull all-nighters to complete school work, giving tips on how to effectively work into the late hours of the night.

Krista Elliott is manager of the Student Learning Centre and says every student procrastinates.

“A lot of us have a hard time sitting down and actually starting the work,” she says. When you have to write a paper, it’s easy to come up with any excuse to put it off. But to get yourself started, if you can commit to two minutes of work, it can be enough time to stay there and keep working.”

Lindsay Smith was the event coordinator. When helping students fight procrastination, she says the worst distraction is social media.

“We all have our favourite websites we like to visit when we’re bored,” Smith says. “Most students have a phone, and it’s so easy to pick it up and surf through social media like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great idea to turn off your phone or the notifications when you’re trying to get work done.”

Smith says her favourite tip came from a student she spoke with at the event about getting rid of his biggest distraction – his phone.

            “A student told me the best tip he ever discovered was locking his phone up in his car,” Smith says. “He would come to the library to do work, but would leave his phone behind so he didn’t have the temptation to go on it and get distracted, and I think that’s a great tip for students who find themselves on social media a lot.”

Although the event focused on helping students to take initiative to get their assignments done, it was also a relaxing environment where students could take a break from the stressful library.

Free food and coffee were offered to students and faculty, and there was a chance to sit down and chat with peers about how to fight putting off work.

There will be another event held on March 26 at the UOIT downtown campus from 1 p.m. until 6 p.m.