DCSI leadership candidates talk issues over slices

You’ve seen them all over campus—election posters.

With smiling faces and snappy slogans lining nearly every wall across campus, students might be left feeling overwhelmed with information.

To help students get more familiar with the people vying to represent them, DCSI hosted two meet-and-greet events with the candidates.

Billed as “Pizza and platforms,” these informal events offered students the chance to engage in one-on-one conversations with the candidates.

Nearly all students running for a position attended last Thursday’s event in the common area of the Simcoe Village residence and spent the afternoon laying out their platform to interested students.

The Chronicle spoke with each candidate to find out a little more about who they are, and why they deserve student votes.


 Toosaa Bush

Running for: Vice-president of internal affairs

Why I’m Running: “I’m all about enhancing the school experience, but also making it more fun and enjoyable for the students.”

Platform highlight:

  • Restructure study spaces at DC, including designating study room as loud, medium or quiet volume rooms, and making sure UOIT students stay out of our rooms.

 Jaylan Hayles

Running for: President

Why I’m Running: “Every student pays money into DCSI, I want to make sure you get your money’s worth.”

Platform highlight:

  • Transition from a frosh week into a full month of frosh events.

 Geoffrey Olara

Running for: Vice-president of external affairs

Why I’m Running: “I like to be at the front lines because I feel as if you really have a passion for something, you have to put yourself in that position to find out what’s going on.”

Platform highlight:

  • Ensure students get the best value for their parking pass fees. Implement guaranteed spots for pass holders.

 Brad Short

Running for: President

Why I’m Running: “I am passionate, charismatic, energetic and I have a proven track record of leadership in my past work experience.”

Platform highlight:

  • Create several new clubs and societies that are DC exclusive and represent the diverse interests of the student population.

Tyler Mclean

Running for: Board of directors

Why I’m Running: “I want to see Durham College be the best school it can be. This is going to be a big year for DCSI.”

Platform highlight:

  • Create more volunteer and experiential learning opportunities for students outside of the classroom.

Naqi Hyder

Running for: President

Why I’m Running: “I helped create DCSI for students and I’d like to carry on that work as elected president.”

Platform highlight:

  • Create more job opportunities on-campus that offer work experience and networking within DCSI and DC.

Lindsay Trudell

Running for: Vice-president of external affairs

Why I’m Running: “I bring more experience and maturity to the table than my competition.”

Platform highlight:

  • Revive E.P. Taylor’s and the student centre.

 Ferwa Imam

Running for: Vice-president of internal affairs

Why I’m Running: “I have administrative experience and I want to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Platform highlight:

  • Create financial aid and bursaries for students who are struggling financially.

The DCSI election began on Monday, with online voting to continue until Friday, March 2.

Students can cast a vote by logging on to the DCSI website using their name and student number, or by meeting any of DCSI’s election staff at one of the three physical polling stations across campus.