Dogs rescued from Oshawa fire

Photo by Kaatje Henrick

Oshawa fire at King and Keewatin streets.

Three dogs were rescued and no one was injured in a garage fire this morning in Oshawa, at the intersection of King and Keewatin streets.

Oshawa Fire Services Deputy Chief Todd Wood says around 10:30 a.m. a camper and shed caught fire in a backyard of an Oshawa home. It spread to the garage from the shed, he says.

 Photo by Kaatje Henrick Fire officals battle the flames of a house fire on Feb.9.


Photo by Kaatje Henrick

Fire officials battle the flames of an Oshawa fire on Feb. 9


Wood says the fire may have started in the backyard by a cigarette.

Wayne Lynde, a resident of Oshawa, says he saw the flames all the way from Oshawa’s city centre.

Wood says there’s exterior damage to the side of the garage, as well as smoke and water damage inside the house.
Neighbours say the owners of the home are in Florida. The couple’s two daughters were also not home when the fire broke out.

Wood says it’s the second major fire Oshawa Fire Services attended to Friday. Fire officials responded to a $100,000 fire at 316 Anderson Ave. around 6:30 a.m. Wood says there were no working smoke detectors at the Anderson Ave. home.

 Photo by Kaatje Henrick The battle of the flames comes to an end


Photo by Kaatje Henrick

The battle of the flames comes to an end.



“We need to ensure that people are always checking on their smoke alarms, they need to be working,” says Wood, adding smoke detectors were not an issue at the King-Keewatin fire.

“This was an exterior fire, so obviously no smoke alarms went off until it entered the garage, but anything that gets into the house, we need to be alerted,” says Wood.

Wood expressed his concern about recent issues around smoke detectors in Oshawa.

Oshawa Fire officials point to two recent fires in homes without working smoke detectors.

Fire officials say no working smoke detectors were in the home when two adults and two children were killed on Jan. 9 at 116 Centre St. N. Earlier this week officials responded to a fire at 216 Durham St. where there were also no working detectors.

Oshawa Fire officials reiterate the importance of checking smoke detectors and making sure they’re working and up to date.

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