DC winter open house ‘fabulous’

Photograph by Cassidy McMullen

Lisa White, director of admission and recruitment, joins DC president Don Lovisa at open house

The long awaited open house has happened.

More than 800 potential students came to Durham College (DC) Jan. 20 with their friends and families to tour the school, look at the programs and extracurriculars the school has to offer.

Due to the five-week college faculty strike, the fall open house had been cancelled and replaced by a winter open house instead.

Emily Sharp, already a student at Durham, brought her younger sister to the open house to look at her options.

Erica took a year off between high school and post-secondary in order to work and is now looking for her next step.

 Photograph by Cassidy McMullen Sisters Erica and Emily Sharp at DC’s winter open house.

Photograph by Cassidy McMullen

Sisters Erica and Emily Sharp at DC’s winter open house.


“Inspiration to do something, I suppose, find a class to take, program to take,” says Erica, who is thinking about taking an art program at Durham but really wants to do something that involves writing.

Mikaela Kauffeldt knows exactly what she wants to study.

“Occupational therapy,” Kauffeldt says.

Kauffeldt made the two-hour trip to DC from Haliburton for her first post-secondary open house. Kauffeldt hopes that from touring the school she would see if DC was the place for her.

“It’s my first time being here,” Kauffeldt says. “I like the city.”

On the administrative side, DC president Don Lovisa says the open house went well.

“Just fabulous,” Lovisa says. “For a rescheduling of an open house, because we couldn’t have an open house during the strike, just fabulous, great response, we are very impressed.”

Each year for the last five years, Lovisa has run a ‘meet the president’ event where potential students ask him questions about Durham in order to earn some school swag.

“I love it, it’s so much fun, it really is, it’s a lot of fun,” Lovisa says. “I get a lot of fun questions but most importantly I get to talk to parents and potential students on why Durham College.”

Being asked by prospective students why they should choose Durham is usually a popular question but Lovisa’s favourite this year was from a young man asking what Lovisa’s favourite program is at DC.

“I said that’s like picking your favourite child, you can’t do that,” Lovisa says.

Brent Vipond was at DC to check out the school’s continuing education program. He’s currently working in a print and framing shop in Scarborough but is looking to return to school.

“It’s close to home,” Vipond says. “I’ve been around the area a lot. Everyone who’s gone to Durham said they went and got good stuff out of it.”

Despite the later date for the fall-turned-winter open house, the spring open house will be the regular date of March 25.