Your grades depend on your sleep

Wake up students. You are not getting enough sleep.

According to a group of international doctors, not getting enough sleep is turning into a global epidemic, confirmed by sleep clinic network Medsleep. However, it is not just students.

Canada is the third most sleep-deprived country in the world, according to insurance provider Aviva who conducted a study last year as part of their UK health check.

But students have a hectic life. As a result, we might think studying at night is the answer to a busy schedule. This is leading to sleep deprivation, and as a result, lower grades. Sleep gives you the energy you need to tackle the day. So wake up and take note.

Adolescent psychologist Dr. Jennifer Vriend sees how lack of sleep affects Canadian youth. She produced an analysis within the last year on high school students.

Results from the study showed 28 per cent of students fell asleep during class, 22 per cent dozed off while doing homework, and 14 per cent of students were late to class because they overslept. Vriend recommends Canadians get at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night.

A study done in 2010 by University of Toronto psychologists, found 46 per cent of students get six hours or less of sleep each night.

The University of Montreal suggests students need an extra 90 minutes of sleep during the week, according to a study done by the institution in 2016.

Completing homework at night causes memory loss in students. “Reasoning and memory may be negatively affected for up to four full days,” according to Gregory Brown and Mitchell Moffit, both studied Biological Science at the University of Guelph and are creators of YouTube channel, AsapScience.

According to clinical child psychologist and professor at McGill University Dr. Reut Gruber, lack of sleep may disrupt the ability of students to concentrate for long periods of time.

Dr. Gruber says doing homework at night may affect a student’s sleep in three ways: work done close to bedtime may leave students too energized to fall asleep, the time it takes to finish an assignment may take up the time needed for sleep, and if a student completes homework near or on their bed, they may associate that space with working and stress.

Students need to stop staying up all night to complete homework. Studying during sleep time is not the way to get better grades. Not enough sleep means memory loss, low concentration, and reduced energy levels in the brain.

Go back to bed students, you need more sleep.