Students vote on Chronicle’s future

Photo by Tiago De Oliveira

Shanelle Somers talks with a student in Vendor’s Alley about proposals to improve the campus newspaper.

The Chronicle is examining possible changes for its readers.

Members of The Chronicle, the newspaper and website produced by Durham College journalism students, prepared presentations on improvements for DC students walking through vendor’s alley Jan. 9.

The presentations were part of a class project titled, “Chronicle Publishing Solution.” It was a collaboration between The Chronicle and Fast Start headed by Jay Fisher.

Fisher led a class on entrepreneurialism for the journalism students and is a professor in the School of Business, IT & Management.

Student journalists had ideas to improve clickbait, a Chronicle app, an advice column, a magazine, promotional material and suggestions for stories, and better access for students with disabilities.

Students walking the halls were enticed to participate with the presentations and learn both about The Chronicle and ways to improve it.

Students were then asked to vote for what they thought were the best ideas on The Chronicle’s social media pages.

The polls will continue to run this week on @DCUOITChronicle so join in on the conversation through social media and cast your vote today.