Seaway goes on a Vacation

Photo by Aly Beach

Seaway performing at the Oshawa Music Hall

Has the cold weather got you down? Canadian pop-punk band Seaway  has the cure with their long-awaited album, Vacation. With summer-themed jams like “Something Wonderful” and “Lula on the Beach”, the band’s third album reminds listeners of hot summer beach days, pool parties and long-weekends at the cottage.

Seaway is from Oakville, Ontario, and is currently signed to Pure Noise Records and Dine Alone Records. Lead singer Ryan Locke’s vocals have improved and the overall Seaway sound has matured.

Like many pop-punk bands, there are two vocalists: one for the rough vocals and the other for the more clean sounding vocals. Co-vocalist Patrick Carleton and Ryan Locke’s vocals complement each other perfectly.

Most pop-punk albums only have a few “bops” but Vacation is made up almost entirely of  light, up-beat songs that make you want to dance and sing along. The “bop” works for Seaway.

Throughout the album you can hear influences from Weezer, Third-Eye Blind, as well as hints of Blink 182.  With its classic pop-punk vibes, Vacation throws you back to summers in the 90s, when the second wave of pop-punk had reached its mainstream peak with bands like Blink 182 and New Found Glory dominating the scene at Warped Tour.

From the opening tune “Apartment”, Vacation takes you on a trip. The album starts in your apartment and travels to the beach, London, Winnipeg, Hollywood, Indiana, Amsterdam and Portland. This album makes you want to jump in your car and take a last-minute road trip.

“Something Wonderful”, the second single, is the epitome of summer with its upbeat tempo and references to typical summer activities. From concerts to canoeing, this song sends you to a cottage on the lake with friends.  “So baby, let’s go to the lake and have a party for two/Come on let’s get drunk, go adventure, flip my uncle’s canoe/And we’ll sing pop songs by the fire from 2002/ We’re on our own now,
We kind of smell now, but I’m down.”

The lyrics reference classic 90’s shows like Friends and Saved by the Bell, with iconic couples like Rachel Green and Ross Geller as well as Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris.

“Lula on the Beach” is arguably the album’s catchiest song. The fourth song on the album is aesthetically reminiscent of The Beach Boys. Although the song starts off sounding like pop, it builds into a sound not unlike Weezer’s Green Album. The lyrics and tempo transport you to a hot day on the beach. You can almost taste a sweet, cold drink. Notably the track shows a softer side to Locke’s  rough-style vocals.

“Scatter My Ashes Along the Coast or Don’t” is modern pop-punk at its finest. You can’t sit still to this song. It’s the kind of song you’d put on to re-energize a long summer road trip.The vocalsisplay the talent of both singers and hardcore-punk band Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo is featured as a guest. His smooth and silky vocals add an interesting contrast to the album’s otherwise consistent sound.

“40 Over” is a complete 180 from other tracks on Vacation. The overall sound starts soft and slow then builds to an intense sound. Every album needs a song to tug on the heartstrings and this is it. Think of it as a pop-punk power ballad.

Even though there is some stiff competition, Vacation has the potential to be pop-punk album of the year. Its light-hearted jams make you long for bonfires and days on the lake.

Seaway will be hosting a holiday event at Toronto’s Mod Club on Dec. 23. They will also be joining pop-punk heavyhitters  Neck Deep on their “The Peace and the Panic USA” tour. The tour comes to Toronto’s Phoenix Feb. 8, 2018.